Summer Of 78

My name is Sam and I belong to african country. We use english as third language. This is my experience of 78 when I spend summer vacation in an asian country along with my parents and younger sister. I was 16 an she was 15. My father was electrical engineer and worked there on dam. He arrange a house for us to spend one and a half month there. He told us that there were two houses adjesently and one was accupied by another family from Ireland. We were happy to spend summer over there as climate was cool there. When we reached there other family was already there for some days. That family happened to identical to us one son of my age and a daughter (whose name was liz) of my sisters age. We become friends and Pal and me got along like house on fire. He was very talkative and taught me many things about the area. He got an motorbike as well. We explore the whole area on foot and on motorbike. The houses were built in forest along the river. Dam was being constructed there. I like blonde girls and loved to watch Liz whenever got a chance. She had beautiful long hairs, tall in height and firm breasts. The first experience to watch her was when I went to their home to give them some new dish, that my mother made. Pal was not at home and Liz was upstairs in her bed room. While I was talking to her mother we heard a scream of Liz, she was calling to her mother in distress. She asked me to rush there and see. When I got into her room she was clinging in attic. Ledder was slipped from one side. I got hold the ledder and asked her to calm down. She then stepped on ledder and then I saw under her skirt long way up to her penties. I got horney, she did not noticed and kept on telling me that she was trying to locate a bag which her father had kept there. As her head was inside the attic I was free to watch the beautiful thighs. Suddenly door of room opened and Pal got inside he definitely had seen whole situation. I was embarrased but I astonished as Pal winked me with an eye and went away. Later in the evening after dinner me and Pal talked about sex for the first time. He told me that he has made with two girls. I informed him that sex was a taboo in our culture I did not have the chance to make it. Pal told that he liked black girls and dreamed te make with some black girl, I definetely thaught that he must have liked Kat. I dared not ask him.
Next day while we wandering in forest Pal showed me a place near the river. We climbed on a tree there it was very thick tree and Pal had placed a hammock there. He asked me to lie on hammock and feel the calmness of area voices of birds and if we were lucky we could see wild boars on river. We heard some voices down the stream and Pal asked me to remain silent. They must be Liz and Kat and we will scare them. We heard some giggling and saw simultaneously what was happening there. Both the girls had ******** and going in the stream for bath. We watched stunned never talked just enjoyed the bodies of girls. Although I had noticed the big boobs of Kate But I did not seen them. Both were sexy and had beutiful bodies. they got into water and we could not saw them behind the rocks. We waited for them to come out saw them again while putting on the dresses, and went to home. We laughed togather but not discussed anything at that time.
When we again meet after the dinner. we were sitting on the bench There was no moon light but dark everywhere. we saw light of bathroom of parents was on. Pal told me that it must be Liz she took bath at this time. He then asked me that if I like I could peep into Liz and saw her naked. He then went in to the house. I peeped into the window. there was a tiny hole there but I ciuld watched Liz she was having shower. Her breasts were firm pink nipples were erected. Pubic hair were blonde and legs were hairless. I got my thing out and jacked off.
Me and Pal did not discussed that. After few days Kat had to go to nearby town and there was car. Pal offered her to ride with him on bike. She sat behind him, I was watching them. Pal told her to tightly gripped him . I could see that her breasts were touching the back of Pal, He then turned to me and winked like he winked before. I saw them going through the woods and I was sure that he was going to made it with a black girl today.
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Apr 18, 2013