On A Visit

I used to live in a small town I had 1 real good friend and I always had a thing for his sister but never acted on my feelings for her.... I ended up moving away and lost touch for 5 years wheni found her on facebook we started talking and she wanted me to come visit and wanted me to go to her brothers graduation from the air force...so I head up there and first night I was there we started making out 2 days later her parents left for the graduation (I was to leave for it the next day) that night she did a ***** tease for me I couldnt handle it anymore I grabbed that 5 ft 3in tall 110 lbs beauty and laid her down on the couch and ****** her all night I thought the neighbors were going to call the cops thinks someone was dting because she was so loud.... easily one of the best nights of my life
noname91 noname91
26-30, M
Aug 26, 2013