Took It Overload

k so me and my bestfriend conner where chilling and usually we just joke sexually to each other but one day at the swimming pool we where messing around he grabbed me from behind with his strong muscular smooth wet body we are both very cut guys and i felt something very hard and took control of his ***** nothing happened in a pool except making out for sometime then we went back to his house cause i was staying the week at his house since my mom was out of town and took my other siblings


it was about three just me and him and me in a very big house but it was going very slow until conner said im horny i said youre always horny and he was all shut up pushing me gently then he started getting closer i told him is it gonna be aqward between us he said for a while but our friendship will overcome anything plus ive always wanted to be moe than friends for a long time that like pulled me in


so i go to the bathroom and like try to cool off and get prepared for whatever was gonna happen i go back to the living room and hes under a blaket he said come and lay with me i was let me go change out of my swim suit and ill be back ok? he said hurry i wanna watch this movie when i came back he had the lake house on lame!! but i wasnt concerned with the movie i get in the blanket he has a ***** harder than cement. he starts rubbing my *** i told thats it lets go to your room you can get this.


we get to the room start kissing and he takes control and we get to the bed i ***** him down with my mouth i get to his **** and start sucking till he **** then i turn him around and start to rim him he was screaming in pleasure the whole time then im done


he says my turn and puts his big **** in my mouth for awhile putting his finger in my *** while im hitting him with a belt on his bedhe says turns around babe and puts it into my *** and goes for three hours that should be a record we went from his bed to almost every room in his house then it kept happening that whole time i stood at his house and now we are dating and plan on moving in together

secretlow secretlow
18-21, M
Mar 8, 2010