I Gave My Boyfriend's Dad A Blow Job

I was seeing a boy from school and we went back to his place one afternoon. His house was empty so we started kissing. It wasn't long before I was topless and he was sucking my nipples. I started rubbing his **** then he lay on top of me on the sofa and ****** me. We had been having sex for a few months but that time his dad walked in. I was looking right at him but my boyfriend didn't see him so he kept bucking me. I stated at the man who just stood and watched then when my boyfriend pulled out and ejeculated onto my **** his dad turned and walked away. Later that week I saw his dad again. He opened the door to me when I called at his house. We had a fight and he stormed off but he didn't go home. His dad invited me in and told me he fancied me. I was taken aback but it kinda made me horny. He asked if he could feel my **** and I said 'ok'. He opened my short and felt inside my bra for a bit then I said 'do you want me to give you a blow job' he said yes so I got down on my knees and sucked him. He didn't finish cause we heard the door and I had to jump up and fix my shirt. Me and my bf argued and ended up splitting up so I never saw his dad after that.
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great story add me xx

Thanks for sharing! I did to. The difference is is we are in love hes getting a divorce my boyfriend has been my ex now for 18 months we had a baby together and he has no clue I'm with his dad now.

Hot story!

ummmm no you didnt, this is fake, but good try

damn nice but sad no finish

I bet he had to jack off to finish that hard! Good for you.

you can blow me

What a tease the dad got. I like your naughtiness.

You owe this man a complete bj...go and find him and give him what he's due

Poor dad! Left him wanting more...

wow, i'd say you need to finish that off too.... lucky dad' i'd say! very erotic story, thanks for sharing and if you would, would love to be added. THanks again!

Forget your bf. His dad likes you and is probably much better at sex than junior. My suggestion is that you contact daddy and let him know you'd like to pick up where you left off. I'm sure he'll be thrilled and will make a special effort to satisfy you. Go ahead, make him happy and make yourself happy as well. :)

WTF..great story..made me hard--if i was him--i would have taken u to local hotel made u finish me and fuked u hard and would have made u my lover

I'll bet he has jacked off to that at least once a day since.

I hope so

Great story too bad you both could not have finished up. Please add me.

What a lucky, lucky man. :)

such a good little **** u are

If my **** was in your mouth, it wouldn't matter who walked in, I would grab your hair so you couldn't chicken out, & keep sliding my **** into your throat until I pumped my load in your mouth. If another guy walked in, I would tell him what a **** you are, we would take turns gagging you w ****, passing you back & forth and ******* your pretty little face.

That is hot...poor guy was left hanging and never saw you again...oh well...;-)

Fan, your stories are so hot. I love horny girls. My **** is twitching like crazy. Please add me luv.

Sexy story you naughty girl! Now *** give me a blow job too! ;)

Oh well, he didn't deserve it anyway.

Poor guy, you left him all hard and backed-up. I bet he jerks his **** everyday remembering you on your knees in front of him.


It's Really You Sex life.. Go Ahead Baby.. I just started ************ after reading your stories.. If you want tribute to you.. then email me... I love spread my *** over your face

great story..cant beleave you didnt get to finish him off

Love this story please add me to see more of you

Wow - very lucky man

nice story, lucky guy

Great story has anything like that happened to you again? Would you do it again if you had a chance?

Oh yes

Thata girl get back in the game.. Nice to hear there are real women/ girls still out there that enjoy sex for sex - keep up the good times

You say "oh yes" it's happened again... do tell!