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My Ex Now

well my boyfriend used to work away and he would go away for weeks at a time and i am a girl with needs and i was staying with his mum and dad so i couldnt believe my luck when i was laying on my bed when my boyfriends dad stepped out of the bathroom with no clothes and a towel that barely covered him so i could see his huge **** flapping around under the towel so i started to play with my tight wet shaven ***** rubbing my fingers over my **** i could feel my ***** getting very wet then i noticed him coming towardsmy bedroom door so i quickly pulled the duvet over me he knocked on the door and offered me a cup of tea i said i was fine so he came and sat on the bed and he said i saw what you were doing dont worry i know women have needs i was so embarrased i couldnt believe he had seen me he seemed fine about it though then i felt the quilt rising up a bit i wondered what was going on i looked down and noticed he had dropped his towel on the bedroom floor and that he was staring straight at my ***** all of a sudden i felt so horny i said do you like what you see daddy and he just nodded so i leant in for a kiss and as i did i could feel his **** rising to the occasion i felt it agaiinst my belly so ipushed him down on to the bed and said you have been a bad boy your wife wouldnt like this would she and he said no so i grabbed his **** hard in my hand and said she wouldnt like this either would she he said no so i took him deep in my mouth and started sucking hard and i said she definately wouldnt like this would she then he turned to me and went shut up and suck me u lil **** so i did as he said and then he rolled over on top of me and said your gonna get what you deserve you have been a dirty **** since you were little and now daddy is gonna punish you likeyou should have been punished so he tied my hands together and started sucking on my **** telling me if i screamed he would suck it harder and then he could feel me cumin so he started moaning and screaming saying you lil **** you have *** all over my face your nothing but a ***** then he shoved his **** hard straight in to my wet creamy ***** and started pounding me hard all of a sudden we heard the door openand in walked my boyfriend he didnt know what to say when he did pluck up the courage to say something he went get the **** off my dad so i turned round and said to him let me finish ******* daddy then i will once we had both *** we went down to talk to him he said he would forgive me but it had to be a one off and everything was fine until a month later when i found out i was pregnant i knew it couldnt be my boyfriends because we hadnt slep tohether since the time i ****** his dad but i had still been ******* his dad behind his back and when his dad found out i was pregnant he wanted me even more he would suck on my nipples and **** me telling me he was going to impregnate me again when i had had the baby it still goes on to this day he looks after the baby and needless to say me and my boyfriend have split up hope you enjoy sorry if it is spelt wrong or anything xx
sexybitch19 sexybitch19 22-25, F 25 Responses May 2, 2012

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I am glad you got knocked up, do you have more kids now by him??

This is a story that rises far above any question of spelling. The fortunate thing is that ***** don't need to spell. They can get everything they need without having to spell it out. It's usually obvious what they want. And they'll give it out to almost anyone to get a good ******* in return. Need a new Daddy? :))

Loved it!

We **** much better than the kids specially a pretty babe like you we are much more caring and skilful and know what to do to you when you are a naughty girl

He was lucky to have you as a lover. So are you still having sex with him or is he in the past. What did your boyfriends mother say when she found out about you two

daddy ***** better.

That is so sexy

who ****** you better your ex or his daddy?

His dad he knew what he was doing

who was bigger?

my ex was bigger in length but he didnt know what he was doing with it but his dads was thicker and he knew exactly how to show me a good time so he was better

Sexy as hell.

You can call me daddy as I **** all your **** holes!

Hot! Have you done any other daddies?

Holy crap you have a good rack

Hot story! He is a lucky guy to have u!!!

You are one hot sexy little *****. I would like to put my **** into all your holes. Sounds if you like ******* as much as I do.

well I don't know if your situation is my thing, But I would enjoy breeding gals that want a child but shun marriage as long as they knew me as the father. I love kids-and if they are of my making-they are never out of my life. Children should know their parents-especially if the parents are good ones-married or not.

damn your amazing - am typing one handed now

i think i love you! at least i lust you!

How old r your kid

Great story! I'd luv 2 spank u hard,and then fukk ur arse!

This realy a hot story thanks for sharing it

mmmmm so hot thinking of you ******* you bf's dad better to keep it in the family i say lol

Somehow this made me want a kid even more O_o

Hmmm you really are a bad little **** ;-)

yes i really am

good shame i aint there to make use of it