I Had Sex With My Friends Mother

I stopped at my buddies place to see if he wanted to go have a few beers, His mother answered the door with a gorgeous short skirt like the school girls wear. She said come in and wait he will be back in about an hour. She ask me if i could help her hang a curtain in her bedroom we went to the bedroom and I got on the ladder and started to put the curtain up when I start to feel her rubbing my **** I got down off the ladder and started to play with ****  just craving her so bad wanting her to lift her dress and pull down her panties. Kissing and fondling her **** my **** started  dripping with exicment she kneels down and unzips my jeans and pulls out my **** she wrapped her mouth around my **** it feels so good just the excitement of waiting for so long to make love to her drove me crazy. She tells me how good I taste and that I can not penatrate her but she will swallow my ***  she is deep throating me with no gaging with my huge  bare **** I moan very intensley to where I finally climax. I can feel the warm *** dripping out the side of her mouth as she continues to swallow my ***  The warm felling of her mouth feels so good she suck my **** for another hour just sucking  wishing our time together will never end. But it does as I put my **** back in my pants  I can see the *** on her face and neck  she said next time I have to give her oral .
Tboy3xxx4u Tboy3xxx4u
46-50, M
Jan 19, 2013