I ****** Them Both...

i have been with my husband since i was 14. i got kicked out of home when i was 17 and we moved in together. he got a job that meant he was out of town for 3 weeks at a time. and he arranged for his eldest brother to come and check up on me. it kind of all started when we had the housewarming party. a few drinks made me giggly, horny and honest... somehow the **** was on the tv and i was doin the commentary. adding my 2 cent about what i prefered and such. a couple nights later i was left alone in the house and was hearing all sorts of noises. i called my brother in law and asked for him to check things out. he did a perimeter search and then came inside and locked all the doors and windows. he gave me a hug and told me there was nothing to worry about. he'd take care of me. he picked me up and took me to the lounge, got blankets and pillows. he made sure i was comfortable and made up a make shift bed for himself on the floor next to me. we watched movies and then out of nowhere he asked if i was lying about being noisy when i ******. my brain to mouth filter didnt work. i blurted out "do you want to find out?" that night along with many others became blurs of ripped clothes, moist puddles of leaking ***, warm strong arms holding me and moving me. tongues, teeth and nails. a couple of months went by i had more training, more shifts at work and work experience to top it off. no time for anything much. i had to borrow a computer, my youngest brother in law was trying to fix my ipod. he said he would need a couple hours so i had a nap on the spare bed. i opened my eyes up to a familiar tongue on my thigh not long after lying down. i said "we cant do this here you know im too noisy". "there is one number to fix the problem" he said with a cheeky grin and a wink. he picked me up and flipped me around and fell on the bed him self. 69 he loved being on the bottom... it just started getting very hot and i heard a noise at the door. the other brother was there wide eyed and shocked. he is 2 years younger than me, so 15 at the time. he turned and run out the back door. i quickly got dressed and ran after him. he was sitting in the old beat up car in the back yard. i got in the passanger seat and appologised for everything he had seen. he made me promise i wouldnt do it again and i didnt. when he was 17 he had some girl troubles they just wanted him because his parents had money. well it looked that way to them. he told me his problems and i couldnt help him i didnt know what he should do. he asked me to show him and placed my hand on the bulge in his pants. i tried telling him i didnt do that sort of thing anymore. he said the words i knew were coming next. "if you dont i'll tell chris what i saw that day." i teased, i poked and pinched. i moan when something was brilliant and giggled and moved things when i needed it so. i had always been with someone more experienced then me. i was normally submissive and eager to please in the bedroom. now i was the teacher it all slowed down. i got what i needed first then allowed him to. this again happened on and off for a couple months. i told him that he needed to find someone else to practise on because everyone is different. i was 20 when my hubby proposed to me. i was stoked everyone was happy for us. after a week i told him everything and he was okay with it he said that he knew they were clean and safe. he said that he had put the ideas in his brothers heads. "i am thrilled i was your first and i am going to be your last that doesnt mean i have to be your only. i came into this relationship with alot more experience than you. now youve learnt some tricks i couldnt teach." i am 23 now we have been happily married since i was just 21. and the only sexual adventures i go on my husband is right by my side. but thats another story.
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White trash redneck American retards!

what an Unpredictable happy ending~!!

Great story, thanks

That's very sweet that your husband was so supporting. Obviously, he has the "wife-sharing" gene.