I Had Sex With My Brother While On Ecstasy

So here it goes, I had sex with my brother while on ecstasy.


First let me begin by stating that my brother, and I are not druggies.  We have both smoked pot, and taken mushrooms before, but that is all.  That is until we took E together.


It all started when a guy that I was doing some work for came upon some hard times.  He was a dance instructor, and his studio had run out of money.  Obviously I was very upset.  He told me, look I don't have any cash to pay you, but I do have something else.  I asked him....what do you have that you can pay me with?  He leaned in, and whispered into my ear. I have "E".....ecstasy.....he said.


I had never taken it before in my life.  He told me that I could either sell it, or keep it.  I'm a lot of things, but a drug dealer.   I am not!   So I kept it.


That weekend my brother and I decided to try it.  We started out by taking 1 pill around 6:00pm on a Friday.  I had 15 pills in total.  Of course that was just my first payment.  I recieved 15 to 20 pills every weekend on this messed up payment plan.  Every weekend we took more and more.  We started out with deep discussion, and then slowly merged into ***** clubs, after we had run out of phylisophical debates.  After purusing the local ***** clubs we would always end up ******* of to internet **** together.


I must sleep.  I shall finish the story tomorrow.

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1 Response Feb 17, 2010

now, you and your brothers are druggie.<br />
now, anything is possible with you and your brother.<br />
i think I know the rest of the story.