Swimming Coach

I had a hot swimming coach throughout high school and as a freshman I was always look at her and think about how great it would be if I could have sex with her. I didn't ever have any sexual contact with her until my second year in high school.

One day I was suppose to stay behind later during swim practice because I was absent the day before. Usually coach never swam with us but she changed into her swimsuit and got in the water. She looked great, she had the perfect set of ***** and nice firm ***. After a couple minutes of swimming coach had told me to take a break. I didn't understand why because usually our team would swim for two hours with stops every half hour.

She asked me if I was tired but I said no. Then she stared at me and moved closer to me, I was confused about this but I went along with it. Then she whispers into my ear, "I've noticed you looking at me. Do you want me?" What she told me made my mind explode, all of my fantasies about her became possible. She pulled down the upper part of her bathing suit so that I could her ****s. Then I grabbed her soft chest and started to massage it. She moaned and looked at my Speedo, part of my **** was showing past the waist. 

She grabbed my **** and started sucking it underwater. It felt so great but she stopped and went back up for air. "Let's go to the girl's showers," I told her. We both went into the girls shower room and I pulled down the rest of her swim suit. Her ***** was a soft pink color and I started to eat her ***** and ***. She was moaning very loud then I got her on all fours and did her in her wet *****. She moaned and yelled, "I haven't had a **** this good in years." (She was divorced) I kept ramming her harder and harder each time. Then I pulled myself out and came all over her *** and on her *****. Later she said, "come here and **** your coach in the ***!"

I was instantly hard and shoved my **** into her tight little ***. We did it for about two hours and I drove her home. From tenth to twelfth grade I would tease and play with her naughty *****. We started doing things like having *** in the water, shower ***, and I even watched her pee a couple times. 

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You forgot the part where you woke from that wet dream as you came in your jammies!

Ok, so what happen after HS? she was obviously a teen sucking pervert and must have had others waitng to **** her as you left HS. tell us the story after HS if you kept ******* her.............

Oh Bullshit.

dude i think u have the best life ever