My Husband's Boss

I could tell my husband’s boss liked me the first time we met. It was at a dinner party in our house and he was there alone (not with his wife). He’d heard about our wild parties and there were four other guys there from my husband’s work and a girlfriend of mine just to try and even up the odds a bit.

My husband was doing all the cooking so I was at the dinner table all evening drinking wine, far too much wine (if truth be told) because I was getting very, very drunk. As the courses went on the eye contact with his boss got stronger but that’s all it was at first. I was getting horny as I do when I drink wine but as it was work people I wanted to try and behave (as best I could anyway).

At one point after dinner when the party got going I was in the kitchen making tequila slammers when his boss came in. He came right up behind me, ever so close and I could feel the strength of him almost pushing into my back as he asked me what I was doing. I told him and asked him if he wanted one. I then felt his hands gently touching my hips as he said yes and I knew then that he wanted me.

I could tell by his eyes as well as his body language. I sucked my finger and dipped it into the salt bowl before lifting it to his mouth. As he opened I let him lick the salt from my finger before he took his shot. I was turned sideways to him now and his hand was resting on my bum (not below it or grabbing it just gently touching it). I handed him the slammer to down. I watched as his face winced with the taste before taking the lime and putting it into my mouth holding it between my teeth. I pushed my head to his so he could suck the lime gently touching my lips as he pulled the juice through his teeth.

I don’t know why but then as I grabbed the tray of drinks in one hand my other hand gently stroked his crotch as I glided around the back of him and slipped into the living room. I must have been giving him a sign but I remember thinking, at the time, that I shouldn’t have done that. After all it was my husband’s boss and he was married! Maybe he didn’t even swing?

After dinner and in the living room he sat next to me all night. The party got going and I spent most of it dancing with my girlfriend. Each time I sat down to rest it was always next to him, very close as there was little room left on the sofa between him and the end of it. I could swear the space got smaller every time I sat down. When most of the men were in the kitchen chatting he stayed in the living room watching me dance and hoping not to loose his spot on the sofa.

Near the end of the evening (for me anyway as I was too pissed to stay up much longer) my girlfriend had left to get drinks or go to the toilet or something and I pulled his boss up to dance. He was reluctant to get on his feet but I dragged him up anyway. I started the dance looking at him and although a lot of that part of the evening is a blur I remember vividly turning and dancing with my back to him and grinding my hips so that my bum was rubbing against him. I remember he was hard and embarrassingly I remember reaching my hands around and stroking him as we danced.

I don’t remember him touching me anywhere but my hips but I also remember putting my arms up and around his neck and pulling his head down to my neck. No kissing went on or anything else apart from the grinding and stroking.

I don’t remember anything else about the party that night and must have gone to bed shortly after that dance. I don’t know how long I was in bed for but I was lying fully clothed on top of the covers. I was wearing a short black dress, no bra as usual, with black lace panties and hold ups but I had, at least, kicked my shoes off before collapsing.

The next thing I remember is a feeling as I lay on my side. I could feel something at my back or lower. I was half asleep but half awake and had no energy to move any part of my body. It felt like it would take all my energy just to open my eyelids. The feeling was weird but I finally realised it was around the top of my legs and looking back now I know it was my pants being pulled down, not all the way but just to my knees. I then felt something pushing in and out between the top of my legs. I didn’t know at the time what it was, a hand, a finger or even a penis? It wasn’t going inside me just rubbing the lips of my vagina back and forth. I was wakening more but still too wrecked to move as it went on for a bit before I felt myself being turned and pulled back so I was no longer on my side but also not fully on my back. My knees were still bent and my arm was being pulled until my hand was touching something, holding something. I still couldn’t open my eyes and my arm dropped beside me as my foot was pulled stretching my leg out and then opening my legs. I didn’t know my dress had been pulled down exposing my breasts but I know they weren’t touched. I felt something then inside me, hard then harder, banging in. It was kinda sticky down below and a little sore when the banging started but again I couldn’t move and remember just lying there motionless. It was all over quickly but I remember when the banging was ending and as the thrusts shifted my body, rocking me back and forth, my eyes opened briefly with the force of the final thrust. It would have been accidentally as I didn’t manage it myself and caused only by the force of being banged between my legs. As they opened though, I caught a glimpse of my husband’s boss.

I didn’t remember anything the next day but over time I have remembered bits and pieces and put the rest together in my mind. When I woke my breasts were exposed and my pants were hanging off one ankle. His boss must have left that night.

I didn’t see him again for a while but my husband always commented on how his boss talked about me all the time.

I saw him again at another dinner party but he was there with his wife and she knew he kept staring at me and was getting angry about it. The only words we exchanged were when he passed me in the hall at one point and said ‘No slammers tonight?’ and I replied, ‘No not tonight’ rather sheepishly. They left early that night with his wife in an obvious huff.

He kept pestering my husband at work to have another party and was aware of what our parties could be like so we invited him round again but that time it was only him and my husband and I invited two girls along just to see if he would go for them. Again all night, though, he was fixed on me.

My husband was delighted by the attention of the girls and at one point they were choosing CDs together and when I looked over there was a tangled web of legs over his. I couldn’t tell who’s were who’s. Meanwhile I was at the table chatting to his boss who was really quite interesting and not what I had been used to. I was more accustomed to wondering hands, touching, even kissing and no idle chit-chat but he was very restrained and this time I limited my alcohol intake so I too was being more conservative.

Eventually as the evening drew to a close I asked him would he like to go upstairs to bed with me. He was delighted and probably waiting to be asked all night. I wasn’t sure though as he had already ****** me and seen my boobs. Why would he want me again? I was thinking because most men I had been with around that time just had sex the once and moved on but he definitely wanted more.

I took him by the hand and led him to the room. We had, at that time, a special bedroom for entertaining so that we didn’t use our own bed. I led him in, asked him to take off his shirt and sit on the bed and then told him I would get changed and come back. When I returned I was wearing a little cobalt blue silk nightie which just went below my bum, just enough to cover me as I wasn’t wearing any pants. I had little cobalt silk knickers to match but figured I wouldn’t be needing them. It had little shoulder straps holding it up but with no bra underneath so he could see the outline of my breasts and my nipples poking through it. I liked it because it felt nice against my skin and made me look and feel sexy.

He was still sitting there like a good boy when I entered, shirt off, as requested. He stood up as I walked over and I put out my hands to take his. I slid his hands around and onto my bum so that he knew I had no pants on and I felt him grope and cup my cheeks under the nightie.

As he did he let out a sigh. Maybe it was of relief, maybe happiness but whatever it was we didn’t kiss!

I was looking down at first as I undid his belt and dropped his trousers to the floor. I hadn’t seen his penis before although I had maybe touched it and I knew it had been inside me. We hadn’t mentioned that when we chatted before but I knew it was him in bed with me that night.

I knew what he liked. I knew he liked to stare at my breasts so I asked him to lie on the bed. I sat next to him and began feeling his legs, my nails were painted red and he said he liked that but that was the only time he spoke. My hands drifted inside his boxers feeling around before sliding them off. I took his balls in my hand as I sat on him straddling him at his knees. I slid my hand up and down the shaft of his penis as my other hand slid up his chest and I remembered the slammer as I slid my finger inside his mouth. I knew he too was thinking about the salt as he sucked my finger. Before long I was sucking him, stopping at times to look up at him as he lay there motionless, hands at his side. I stopped before he got too excited and slid my body upwards so that my clitoris was resting on his penis which was still throbbing from my sucking. I slipped backwards and forwards as his penis shaft parted the lips of my clitoris and his expression changed as he felt the warmth inside me.

I would have usually put on a condom at this point but he’d already been inside me.

I knew he liked to stare at my boobs so before I let him inside this time I slowly slipped each strap over my shoulder allowing my nightie to fall to my waist and revealed to him my wonderful breasts. His hands were gently resting on my legs and he made no attempt to grab me or grope me as I arched my hips and slid my hand behind grabbing his balls at first and then his penis so that I could guide it inside. Once in place I slid down his shaft and watched as his head fell back into the pillow. Up and down I slid holding his chest for balance, sometimes slowly, sometimes bouncing fast as he watched my jiggling breasts. No touching, no kissing, just *******. I was riding him, riding my husband’s boss and I could hear laughter downstairs and remember hearing music drifting up. It was the Paula Cole song, ‘I don’t wanna wait’ blasting loudly from the stereo.

He continued to stare at me as he lifted his hands above his head. My hands slid from his chest up his arms and into his hands clenching our fists together as his body bucked up towards me and I arched in unison until he came. I fell to his side and turned to him, ‘Do you want to feel my boobs?’ I said and he nodded, smiling. I turned slightly with my back to him and took his right hand and placed in on my left boob at first and then across to the right so his arm was across me and he was holding my right breast tight in his hand. I then lifted my leg over his and pulled him into my crotch as he spooned me whilst feeling and groping me. I didn’t know if he would be able to go on but I slid my hand between my legs and grabbed his still semi-hard penis which was getting harder as he groped my breasts for the first time. I pulled it hard up and down until it was hard enough to put inside me. We found each other so that he was again inside me spooning me as we lay together. I lay there enjoying him as he began to slide in and out with ease. I was wondering why he never kissed me; maybe he liked me too much? Maybe he was afraid of falling for me? As I lay there, feeling his breath on my neck, his arm across my chest and with his hand holding my breast, I had an ******. Not a thunderous ****** but one with waves of intense pleasure and I’m sure he also came again, perhaps we even came together?

He must have because without a word he rose dressing himself, not frantically but quickly and quietly. I didn’t turn and instead just lay there enjoying the feeling between my legs. It was just like it had been when I first had sex with my husband, as if there was a tiny vibrator still inside.

As he left the room I felt denied, denied my kiss. I like to snog when having sex. I like to feel someone’s tongue inside me when they are inside me and I wanted to taste him. He had been inside me twice and yet we hadn’t even kissed!

I let him leave and walk out the door. He didn’t even say goodbye but as I lay there thinking about his lips I couldn’t contain myself so I bounced up and dashed after him and when I got to the stop of the stairs he was half way down, ‘Wait!’ I called.

As he turned I was standing there completely naked in front of him, at the top of the stairs, with my hands out beckoning him to come to me. Thankfully he obliged but not until he had taken a moment to look me up and down and take in the sight before him.

He came to me, not all the way up but enough so that our heads were level. ‘Kiss me’, I said and as he leant in. I took his hands and again slid them behind me placing them back onto my cheeks and he held them just as he had when it had all started earlier. My mind and his raced back to that point playing the whole thing in flashes back in our minds as we stared at one another. It seemed like hours passed by before his lips finally touched mine. It was a gentle and dry kiss. He kissed me a couple of times but not passionately, not a wet kiss, more like a couple of long slow kisses on the lips then he turned and left.

He left me wanting more, left me wanting him, wanting his kiss, wanting him again, wanting him inside me once more but with his tongue in my mouth.

I went back to the bed we had been in before he left me and I lay there thinking about him most of that night and about how much I wanted him to kiss me, to take me and to come inside me, over and over again.

The next morning I knew my husband had enjoyed the two girls because they had made a bed on the living room floor and were a tangled mess of naked limbs when I arrived with their cups of coffee.


I only ever saw my husband’s boss once more after that night. They parted ways when my husband moved jobs and as they no longer work in the same place it’s unlikely our paths will ever cross again but that last time I saw him was amazing.

I was in town one day shopping and decided to surprise my husband and take him for lunch; I remember it was just after 1pm so I was in a rush hoping to catch him in the office.

When I arrived everyone had already gone to lunch but just as I turned to leave there he was, my husband’s boss, standing in front of me. He said that my husband was at an early business lunch and would not be long and asked if I wanted to wait. I couldn’t look him in the eye at first but he seemed more confident than ever before.

He brought me into his office to wait which was massive. It had a large window with two desks in an L shape in front of it and in the corner was what looked like the corner of a coffee shop with two big comfy leather sofas, a coffee table and a coffee machine on the side board. I accepted a coffee from him and he gestured for me to sit on the sofa. He sat beside me, really close, as close as he did the first night I met him in our house. There was plenty of room but he was so close my leg was touching his. I was wearing a denim shirt but without tights as it was May and the warm weather had arrived. I could feel the heat of his body coming into mine where we touched.

He seemed completely different though, much stronger. I was in his domain and he felt in control at last.

When I finished my coffee he took the empty cup from me and sat it on the table. We talked about the parties but not about the times he had been inside me. In fact we had never even discussed that first night when he came up to my bed. I wanted to ask him. I wanted him to know I knew about it, that I knew it was him but he seemed too powerful in his domain. I may have been a little scared as he looked at me different than before, not as the gentleman I knew but more so in a naughty or dirty way.

Although I may have been scared I was turned on thinking about him and I, as we chatted. His hand found my knee at the point where our knees met and then as he continued chatting his hand moved. His fingers slid slowly down and under my leg. His thumb, still on top of my leg, began moving backwards and forwards caressing my skin. As his hand inched upwards between my legs I couldn’t help but look down at his hand as it began to tighten around my leg squeezing and groping rather than caressing. I hadn’t noticed him slide his other arm behind me until it gripped my shoulder firmly and pulled me back deep into the sofa allowing his hand further up my leg until it was touching my inner thigh.

When I looked up at him he was close, his face very close to mine. Was he going to kiss me at last? I thought. Yes he did! but as his lips touched mine his hand reached my pants. I was lying back in the sofa with my husband’s boss, his hand gripping my pants, his other hand now holding my head pushing it into him as he pushed his tongue inside, finally inside my mouth, licking me, snogging me!

I enjoyed his taste and I enjoyed his force as he took control and snogged me hard and harder. His hands were inside my pants and he was massaging my clitoris with his thumb before ******* me with his fingers, pushing in one then two at a time. My back arched as he thrust his fingers inside. I wanted him to enjoy me but I wanted him inside me in his office. My mind raced; would anyone come? What time was it? Was my husband due back? This was not right! I was thinking all these mad thoughts when I came. It was a different ****** than before and much, much more powerful as the waves of excitement engulfed me. I didn’t even know that my hand was between his legs holding his hard **** through his trousers. I didn’t know what time it was as I closed my eyes and enjoyed the moment I kept them closed remembering the first time when my eyes were closed, that night in the bed and the whole time wondering what he was doing. As I pondered I realised his hand was no longer between my legs and his fingers no longer inside me.

They were unbuttoning my shirt. I felt the buttons pop as I still lay there, eyes still shut enjoying my ****** and enjoying him kissing my neck. I was lying there lifeless just like the first time as he shuffled his hand inside my bra whilst his mouth and warm tongue licked my neck and then moved down my chest. I squeezed his **** hard in my hand as his mouth found my nipple licking it and flicking it with his tongue, sucking it hard. It was so sensitive I felt like I was going to explode.

I didn’t know what to do, he was in control this time but again he got up quickly and quietly. I opened my eyes to see him standing in front of me as I fixed myself closing my legs and putting my breast back inside my bra. I glanced quickly at the clock behind him, nearly two o’clock I remember. I must get out of this office but he still had a determined look about him, was he not yet done?

I was! I was finished and in need of something, a drink, fresh air, maybe even a sleep but he was not finished, not yet. He unzipped his trousers and pulled out his **** which was still very erect. I was sitting in front of him with my hands and fingers shaking as I tried to button my shirt.

He leaned over and slid his fingers into my hair at either side of my head turning my face upwards to him and as we caught eye contact I could feel the force of his hands holding me hard and pulling me forward towards his ****. I knew what he wanted and I had got what I wanted. I had wanted that kiss. I didn’t expect what came with it but I had longed for it and he knew it. He’d been inside me and came inside me before so this time he wanted me to take him in my mouth. He wanted to come inside me again, this time in my mouth.

I licked his shaft from bottom to top first making him shudder and loosen his grip on my head. My hands were still trying to button my shirt and still shaking as I was aware of the time and the need to get out of there. I began sucking him hard, harder and then harder, licking the tip and gulping down the shaft quickly then slowly rising each time beckoning the ***** to come with me. I kept on until it did the final time into my mouth and away when I swallowed.

As I stood his mood changed. He was no longer as forceful but back to that gentle man, that gentle man with a dirty wanting side, a side that could turn on intense need, greed even but it was now gone and his gentle nature came back to the surface as he leaned forward and buttoned my shirt for me. No words just a kind gesture. With my legs hardly holding me up I left him. The office was thankfully still empty and I remember kissing him on the cheek before I turned to go.I didn’t wait around for my husband I just left. I didn’t go shopping just went home and got into the bath and realised that’s what I needed, a long hot soak.

For along time after that each time I had a bath I remembered my husband’s boss.
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wow so hot add me please

soooooooooooo hot story please add em

soooooooooooo hot story please add em

soooooooooooo hot story please add em

Trust me, he has remembered you for a long time also. The chemistry between the two of you was palatable in your writing. Even his wife felt it and was annoyed by the truth of it all....Add me plz.

NN, you are a gifted wordsmith with an incredible gift of detail and desire. No man could say no to you! Thanks for sharing your sensual experiences.

get the book to read the rest and find out what hapenned

OHH! It was so hard not to *** in my pants while reading this story.

I read the last story you wrote first and this one explains that you swing. But at the beginning of this story you talk about being in bed very drunk. Years ago at a party my wife got so drunk that she couldn't walk. It was very late and there was only the host, his sleeping wife, another couple, six of the host male friends and my wife & I still there. I was in their game room playing pool with one of the guys, the other guys wife way upstairs trying to make coffee (se was a little drunk herself) when we heard the guys in the other room chanting "suck, suck" over and over again. The two of us playing pool went to find out what was going on.

When we got in the other room we found my wife's blouse, skirt & undergarments lying on the floor with the guys standing at the power-room door chanting. As I squeezed in to look into the open door I saw my wife sitting on the toilet with the host standing in front of her, his **** in her mouth. It was the first time I had seen my wife with another man. I was surprised how excited I got. Not angry or jealous at all, it changed my attitude about wanting my wife to have sex with other guys. The guys wife making coffee called down asking how many wanted coffee and all of us but three hurried back to the bar closing the door to the power-room, leaving them with her. About 25 minutes went by when the door opened, two guys stood there on each side of my wife holding her up (she was so drunk she was unable to walk) and the third was behind them. All three had their **** out still on their pants. Of course she was still completely naked. She stood their being held up with *** on her face and dripping from between her legs.

The next morning it appeared she knew nothing about what had happened. But I was such a turned on to me that I began getting her so drunk by putting vodka in her scotch & water so that I could watch my friends **** her.

It was about four years later that while playing a game of ***** pool she that she ****** the neighbor she was playing against as part of a final bet when she lost the game. She had very little to drink that night. It was after that night that she told me that she knew she had been ****** a couple of times when she was drunk. Where the truth is it was more like 30 times 6 different married friends and neighbors .

Is it possible that she wouldn't know about all those times?

She was never as drunk as she was at that party the first time and it was after her ***** pool game that night we started swinging with select friends.

You should get my book then and if you enjoy it my contact details are on page 178