Friend Number Three

This one happened at my home, my brothers and their friends were partying. The boy who had just turned 18 was left behind. He was sitting next to me, going through the music list. He asked me why I was with my ex, and I told him we weren't together. He started rubbing my thigh, so I brought him back to my room.

I had been on top of him, and he kept asking if he could come inside of me. I kept saying no, but as we kept going it kept feeling much better. Kept on asking, so I finally said it was okay, we were going for about an hour when I felt the hot burst go deep inside of me. Then he left me to face the rest of the people.
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4 Responses Sep 13, 2012

Mmm that's hot. You gave him a good bday present.

the dude got his present but was a **** to leave you all by yourself

I would have *** in you too!

**** that is so hot that you gave into the desire to have all that hot *** in you. I would try the same thing...