Friend Number Four

I was spending the night at my aunts, and my ex always ends up at her house. They had all gotten drunk, and I had been one of the rooms trying to sleep. As it got later in the night people started leaving, and falling asleep.

I felt someone get into the bed with me, he pressed himself against me, and started sucking on my neck. He pushed against me, and I felt him. So I turned around and we started kissing. He pushed his fingers inside of me. He kept this up for sometime, then he licked my **** pushing his fingers in deeper. He asked me to lay on my side as he slid himself into me.
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3 Responses Sep 13, 2012

Mmm that's a good girl let him use you hope he filled you of ***..

an unexpected **** after the party. Enjoy.

And then...tell more!!!!