A Good Flatmate Story

I was living in a mixed, shared house and we had a rapid turnover of people which left Melinda and me as the only occupants. At first we intended to get another person, but we rather enjoyed having the extra space (and less pressure on the bathroom), so we decided to try it out with just two.

One Friday night, we were both at home with no dates and feeling a bit sorry for ourselves. We commiserated with each other and, as the saying goes, one thing led to another and we ended up spending the night together. This was very enjoyable, but the great thing was that in the morning there were no recriminations. We both recognized that we had had a need and we helped each other satisfy that need.

Over the remainder of the six months we shared the house, a similar thing happened maybe half a dozen times. We never became romantically involved but remained just good flatmates. It was all good.



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Mar 21, 2009