Had Sex With My Friends Mom

So I have this friend who is like a brother to me. We've known each other since pre school and were still best friends. His two parents like to party and are somewhat extravagant. One example is his mom. She is one hot piece of ***. I've slowly realized that she is a milf, and I have often fantasizes about her huge boobs and her *****.

One day I was at my friends house. I was supposed to feed his dogs while they were away running errands. The place for the dogs food was in the mom's closet. As I was finishing feeding the dogs, I noticed she had left her panties drawer open. I was curious and I checked inside. She wore some pretty racy underwear, Which kind of aroused me. I began to play with myself on her bed, I used some of her hand lotion as lube. Just as I was about to ***, she walked through her door. At first she looked away immediatly shocked. I started to say sorry and began to clean up. However she turned to me and said she understood and wasn't mad. While I began to put my pants back on she turned to me and asked me what I was thinking about. I was honest with her and said her. She blushed. I'm flattered she said. I explained to her about how she was a very attractive woman and that I had fantasizes many times about her. I left and things were awkward for awhile.

A few weeks later I got a call from her saying that she needed help with her cable. I went over and when I got there she was in just a robe. I asked where the cable bow was and she said to come check something out upstairs. When we got upstairs she grabbed for my ****. She said her husband handy touched her in months and that she was extermly wet. I instantly got hard and she told me she felt it. She said she wanted to see it. I took off my pants and she gasped at how bit it was. She said she needed to taste it, and she began sucking, I came fast. She giggled a little bit an swallowed my *****. She said it was her turn. She slowly walked over to her bed, let her robe drop and she showed me her full body. It was amazing. She had hubs boobs, yet her nipples were a medium size, they were hard as ****. Her *** had perfect bounce when she waked and her ***** was completely shaven. She beckoned me over to show me. I got over and began to suck her nipples, I then went down on her, i teased her by licking the inside of her thighs and she giggled. I pulled her closer to me with force and she again giggled. I must have licked her for an hour. She was to the poin of screaming. Oooo lick me just like that she said several times. She finally turned to me and said she needed me inside her. I took my shirt off and began to **** her *****. It was nice feeling. I stuck my finger up her buttehole and she begged for more. We did it in several positions all the time she yelled out to me for more *** inside her *****. Finally I said I wanted it on her face, she started to suck it and when I came she let I drool down to her boobs. Finally we had a shower and ******.
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Amazingggggggggg i wish i could **** her to lucky dog i will just do what you did

I ****** my best friend's mom too. It was too good for words

Wow that is intense.