Best Friends Mom

The other night my best friend, Mike, called and asked if I could quickly come over to his mom's house and help move some furniture with him. I told him I would be right over. About 30 minutes later I arrived at her new place and knocked on the door. He answered and invited me in and explained that he was just called into work. He explained what still needed to be moved and apologized that he had to go. He told me that if there was anything I was unable to move, we could move it the next day if I could come back then also and help him. He headed out the door and I decided to see what I could move for him. As I looked around at all the boxes, I noticed his mother was no where to be seen and the phone was ringing. The answering machine took it and it was his step father explaining that he was stuck in Chicago and would not be home till tomorrow. I turned around and Mike's mom was standing in just a towel. I apologized, I do not know for what, and explained that Mike had asked me to move as much as I could. She smiled and told me it was okay. I then told her that her husband had called and she told me she heard it. I nodded my head and went back to moving furniture. Before I could move the love seat, his mom sat down on it and asked if she could get a better view of the bulge in my pants. I just stood there with my jaw hanging open for at least a minute before I was able to choke out a "Sure"! I had sex with her before and she was great (Marie). She just sat there staring so I unzipped my pants and dropped them to the floor. She smiled and told me she could most definitely work with it. She then took off her towel and stood in front of me. I quickly followed suit and disrobed, throwing my clothes anywhere as I was trying to get naked as fast as possible. We spent most of the night ******* in every room of her new place. We did it in her new bed, the kitchen counter, the dining room table, the ... (You get the idea)! Finally she was wore out and about to pass out (after many many hours) and I decided it best if I take a shower. I was so thankful that she was tired because I was about to collapse from exhaustion and my **** was dead to the world. I got out of the shower and noticed her sitting on the edge of her bed waiting for me. She told me she wanted to thank me for everything I did. I explained that it was not a problem and was willing to do it anytime. She immediately through a pillow on the floor and dropped onto her knees and began sucking me off (Somehow I was able to rise to the occasion and got a picture of it). I finally blew another load and she climbed into her bed. I went into the front room and got dressed. As I was reaching for the door handle, it began to turn. Mike stepped in and looked at me in shock. I suddenly thought up an excuse and said that I passed out on the couch last night. He asked where his mom and step dad were and I explained that she went to bed last night and his step dad was still snowed in in Chicago and would be home later that day. He went to knock on his moms bedroom door to let her know that we were going to go finish moving everything. Within minutes of him returning to the front room, she stepped out in a robe. She smiled and told us both that she was going to go take a shower. Mike and I finished moving everything and he went to grab a drink for me. His mom quickly made her way over to me and told me to keep it all a secret. She explained that her husband was unable to perform and she did not need her son or husband knowing that she was now getting sex from a man 22 years younger than her. I readily agreed. Just as I was about to leave, Mike's step dad arrived. He looked around and exclaimed that the house looked great and gave me $150 for coming over and moving furniture. He then asked if I would like to make some more extra cash and explained to me that he had to go out of town again in two weeks for 5 days and wanted to know if I would paint his office and get rid of all the extra boxes and junk that they used when they moved in. I told him sure and he gave me $500. I got up to go and he shook my hand. Mike's mom ran over to me and gave me a hug and whispered into my ear to get rest so we can pick up where we left off. I left, went home, and crashed in my bed till the next day. I am looking forward to going over to paint. I figure I can have it painted in maybe two hours without distraction but I know better...It will most likely be painting while screwing and I will finish it just before he gets back!

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You are a good friend!!


U have any more pics?

my niggah

You are one hell of a lucky devil!! add me to view your album.

Lucky sod.

Wow! You banged his mom and get payed $750 LOL

yes you are definitely going to be a multitasker

WOW! Amazing story.

Nice worker

A job with great perks

Like a pro

hot story. Stroking the brush up and down and dipping

great photo...u to add u to my circle of friends

great ...youuuuuuuu done it

Great story, all the ***** you can handle and money too, what a deal..

WOW! Getting paid to nail his wife! Very hot! Lucky dog.

Lucky man... have fun painting that room!

mmmmmmmm very hot