I ****** My Mothers Friend And My Mom Knew About It.

I went to high school in USA and was born in the US Virgin Island. After graduating high school I joined the military, but had some time off before going to boot camp. I was 18 at the time and decided to visit my family for one last time. During the time away my mom had became VERY good friends with a lady and roommates. The lady had only heard about me and never seen photos or knew what I looked like.
Since my mother and I were not on good terms when I left. I was only visiting for 2 weeks but when the lady finally saw me she kept commenting on my looks making sexual hints letting me she wanted me to **** her. The lady didn’t look to bad herself for her age she was toned, nice breast, and *** she was a very sexy looking black lady. Jesting with her about her and my mom being friends I dismissed her comments. If you read my other story you know I have a huge panty fetish.

Where I was born it is a small island and same sex partners were frond upon at the time, so to save face they had separate rooms. After a few nights back home and understanding both their schedules. They both after getting home from work would shower and slip in to a summer dress, sit on the porch, enjoy the sunset, talk and just hang out.

I was really horny that night and saw an opportunity to smell my mom’s friend’s panties knowing she had just taking them off about an hour ago. So I went in here room and there were a couple of panties laying on the floor. I scooped up both of them really quickly so I was caught in my mom’s friend’s room. I went in the guest bathroom got completely naked, sat on the toilet and stroked my **** with one pair while I licked and sniffed the other pair.

Her scent and taste was heavenly I was enjoying the feel of her wet panties on my **** and the taste of her **** juices. My dumbass or thinking with my **** I didn’t even think about why would she have two wet pairs of panties. Until my mom’s friend busted in because I hadn’t lock the door. Overly excited about getting those panties I guess forgot to lock the door. She didn’t seem shocked or anything just said move so she can pee.

With her panties in my mouth I stood up and started to get dressed. She said what are you doing sit on the tub and finish sucking your mother’s ***** juices from her panties then do mine. I said these are my mom’s she said yes as she raised up her dress exposing her bushy *****, sitting on the toilet with her legs open.

She said doesn’t her ***** taste good. In my mind I was like **** yeah but I just replied yes. She replied if you think she taste good wait till you taste mine, as the sound of her **** drained into the toilet. She commented on how hard and straight my young **** stood playing with their panties. I think it was the combination of her talking to me about it seeing her mature *****, ******* and the scent of their panties that got me so excited.

But what I really wanted to do was stick my head between her legs and lick her black **** as the pee streamed out. About this time I had finish getting the juices out of my mother’s dirty panties and had tossed them to side. She said you been rubbing mine on your **** you going to taste mine as well. Without answering I removed them from my **** and open the crotch area and put them in my mouth. She said how do I taste compared to my mom. I just said good as she smiled from my reply saying the real thing taste better, you’ll find out before you leave us. I was just stroking my **** slowly because I didn’t want to *** in front of her.

She had finish ******* and just sat on the toilet talking to me and watching me with her panties. Until she told me to stand up in front of her. My **** was right in her face, she touched it stroked it caressed, and talked to my ****. Telling it how beautiful and yummy it looks, how stiff and hard it felt, how she wants to feel its power in her *****. Still talking to my **** she said look at you, you like being talked to and touch your giving me a reward, as my pre-*** began to leak out. Just then she lean forward and with just the tip of her tongue she licked the tip on my **** getting her tongue to massage the inside of my **** hole, licking around my **** head and finally slurping it into her mouth and sucking on it.

I was in heaven suck a great feeling of being sucked and tasting her panties. About a few minutes into it I dropped her panties because her taste had all but gone from them and stood there as the mature women showed me how **** is suppose to be treated. She felt my **** jump in her mouth and she stopped sucking and touching me. I was what the hell I was about to *** she said no no for me to get on my knees and to lick her wet *****, as she pushed me back, moved forward on the toilet sit open her legs wider and said go ahead.
I gladly did but didn’t even think that she hadn’t wipe until my tongue hit her slit and tasted that hint of pee. About 30 minutes into devouring her **** she was on the edge of the toilet slouched. She was rubbing the back of my head and enjoying me going to town on her sloppy wet ****. Then she just held my head in one position as her body began to twitch and she rubbed her ***** on my mouth and nose.

At this point I knew I had made this mature **** ***. It was hot as hell. After she came she said I see you know how to eat *****, I replied why you think I love panties with a smile on my face. With me still on my knees she held the back of my head told me open my mouth around her *****, make my lips seal around her ***** and use my tongue to just lick between her lips. I could taste her sweet cream and sweet it was.

Then to my surprise a hot salt stream began to flow into my mouth and I try to push away but she held on tightly as I resisted and the it got a bit messy. She finally releases me and I was what the hell your crazy ***** you pissed in my mouth ******* gross on and on. All she said is you’ll thanks me for this experience later and it’s not like you haven’t tasted **** before you like dirty panties, what do you think is mixed with women’s ***** juice. Explain to me that no matter how clean a woman is there is till ruminate of pee in her panties. And I knew she was right as I have tasted it before. Just then my mom knocked and the door and said are you alright in there.

My mom friend replied yes just finishing up, as we listen for my mom feet as she walked away from the door. As my mom friend wiped herself, stood up and fix her dress I told her hey you’re not going to tell my mom are you. She said look your mind might be saying no but he’s still saying yes as I was standing tall stiff as steel. She continued to say your mom is my ***** I have already told her that I would **** you before you left and her answer was he’s a grown man now. So I have her consent already and I am going back on the porch and tell her about this. As she walked out the door she said lock the door and finish yourself off because tonight I want his power in me and I don’t want me ******* to quickly from not being relieved.

After relieving myself I took a shower and went back to the living room where my mom came in after refilling their drinks and said to me her ***** does taste good doesn’t it? And continued to say **** her hard tonight my son. I was freaking shocked as hell. After they had doing enjoying each other’s company outside they both approached me and my mom friend took my hand and lead me to her bedroom as my mom departed to her own she said have fun son.

Once in the room we got naked and got to it ******* sucking and licking for 3 hours. I came in her mouth once and in her ***** twice, the bed was soaked from the amount of times I made her *** and squirt. Afterwards I went back to room and crash. The next morning both ladies where coming out of the room heading to bathroom completely naked as I was about to go to the bathroom. So I let them go and headed to the master bathroom in my mom’s room. I could only imagine what happen after I went to bed, but my mom knew i ****** her friend,her lover that night
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i want **** your mom too

I wiish I was in your position. I would've a *********

good story

soooooooooo hot please add me

I couldn't begin to understand you and your mother's relationship. That is the strangest scenerio I've ever heard in my life.

Thanks but, a real life story more will come as i remember

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