greg one of my friends in high school,had a smoken hot devorced mom.kate was in her late 30's,very perky 36c ****,a hot bubble butt,about 5 ft.tall,about 120 lbs.long black hair,and a very hairy *****.one weekend i was staying at was kinda late as greg and i were watching movies.greg had been asleep for about a hour,as i went upstairs to get something to snack on,and i had on my boxers,i did'nt think anything of i went into the kitchen the light was on,and kate was bent over unloading the dishwasher,in just a tee shirt.the first thing i noticed was kates hairy *****,and the hair ring around her butt hole. beeing a teenager i got aroused easily,exspecially by a wounderfull sight like that.since kates shirt had riden up uncovering her hot ***.i stood there a gazed at her from behind.kate knew she was exposed,as she asked,see anything good?as i ansewerd,yes i do!turning around and smileing at me,kate finished up.weres greg she asked,as i told her sleeping,she said good.kate walked up to 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yes,make me ***!kate yelled i payed attention to her ****,she raised her hipps grabbing my hair holding my head i could barely get two fingers in her tight *****,******* her ***** with my hand while i sucked her ****.kates body shook as she started to *******.her ***** contracted on my fingers,as she got wetter.oh my god yes!i'm *******!kate got real loud as she she spassimed i kept sucking her ****,makeing it more intence for her.kates eyes rolled back in head,as she her ******* lightend up,she begged me to **** her. as i was ready to enter kate missionary,she guided my **** into her tight *****.oh my kate,i moaned to she was tighter than girls my i slowly eased my **** all the way inside her,she kissed me passionately,and told **** felt so good inside her,she wanted it all night.i could'nt get over how tight,her ***** felt,as i quickly came inside her.yeah thats it baby,*** inside feels so good,give me more of your hot ***!kate moaned,as we kept going.i ****** her faster now,as my 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Fake storyi

you the got me hard as a rock

good story,hot very hot

damm good...loved ******* my best friends mom tooo...


you aren't getting inside any woman's *** immediately after coming for the 5th time. Total BS

not only is it bullshit, but he did not even try to make it seem real lol.

fake story.

Very hot story thanks! I bet that's one friend you stayed very closed to!