Had Sex With My Friend's Mom

One day me and my best friend were at his house watching some movies an playing video games. After a few hours of just chilling he said that he was sleepy and he was going to bed. I decided to go to bed also. At about 1:00a.m i walked out the guest room to enter the bathroom. I had just woke up from a wet dream so my **** was already erect. As i was approaching the bathroom i saw my friends smoking hot mom with a robe on and nothing else under it. She had long Brown hair and and huge ****, and she asked what i was still doing up. I told her i was just going to the bathroom. She then asked was i thirsty and i said yes. She then said come downstairs she'll pour me a cup of soda. So after i handled my business in the bathroom i walked downstairs to see her in the kitchen with two drinks in her hand. I went up to her and grabbed it and she told me that i was handsome and i said thanks. And very unexpectedly she rubbed against me and went inside my boxers and grabbed my **** and started stroking it. I got so Horny that i couldn't help it so i took her robe off and we began kissing. She dropped to her knees and began sucking the **** out of my **** and made it even more horny. Somehow we ended up on the couch and she bended over and pointed to me where to stick my **** in so i went back and fourth until she decided to ride me. After about 8 minutes she took it out her ***** and start *******/sucking it until i eventually came all over her face. She thanks and went back up stairs. I've been ******* everytime i spent the night at his house until this day. She even talked about marriage when i turn 18 im only 15 now and shes 35.
-This is 100% true i have pictures and vids to prove it.
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everyone read his comment....he said he is from the UK. read his story and you will see he is NOT from the UK. the story is written in american english....i mean damn at least make a good lie haha. told you all this was a fake story lol.

the way he talks in the comments shows he is fake too.... and he always logs on to this site only but never logs in skype even at the time he is logged in here.

This is bull ****. I've hear so many stories prove it

yeah man sometimes i hate coming to this site because of stupid bullshit fake stories like this. i added the guy on skype so he can prove it but he never logs on, it would be easier to admit this is fake and move on jeez. the dude needs to get laid if he is making up fake stories lol.

i messaged you on skype, i have not gotten a message back.

i will be on skype all day now i hope i see you there then....but i am not holding my breath lol.

oh yeah if you got proof why not just put it on your experience project profile, you can make it private and only let your friends see here as proof. this site sucks man, too much fake ****.

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hey bro, you are a lucky guy!!.. send me a pic, please? :)

can you please delete this fake bullshit story man, you have no proof. experience project staff please delete this **** fake story.

yes i have skype, my skype name is defiantzaaz .

what is your skype?