A Long Time Dream

Me and a friend had been to a end of school party. We had been drinking for a very long time abit to much to be honest we were 16 he got ill.

So i thought i would take him home it was about 1am the party still going strong so was abit ticked off. So i got him home explained to his mum what had happened. She said i could stay for the night so i took him upstairs put him in his bed with a bucket next to him.

I was wide awake so i thought i would go down to drink with his mum.

His mum had already been drinking. I had known her for 3 years she was a very good looking woman and was 38, had dark brown hair almost black and amazing green eyes. Was a little over 5 ft rather slim and always wanted to see her big ****.

I was sitting opposite her as she was sitting in her armchair. We are talking as i notice her glancing down at my obvious bulge. Then she asks
"How big is your ****"
I was in shock so i told her to which she replied
"No it cant be 9 your 16, show me"

My jaw almost hit the floor i was thinking this cant be happening. So i stood up took my pants off. The look of shock and excitement on her face she said to me
"Your soft yet the same or bigger than every one i have been with"

She pulls me to her and swallows all 6.5" of my soft **** only to have me get fully hard inside her throat. She almost choked quickly removing my **** from her mouth. She just stared at it and told me she wanted me to **** her. She removed her dressing gown to reveal her big **** 32G i rubbed my **** between her **** as she played with herself.

She was soaked so i slowly pushed my **** inside her *****, she was tight but after about 5 minutes of slowly ******* her with half of my **** inside her i forced it all the way in. The quick gasp as my balls slapped against her ***.

She was loving every moment of it ******* her hard and fast she was rubbing her **** and told me to pull out as i did she squirted so much she was twitching, me her the sofa were all soaked we had been ******* for nearly an hour.

She said she wanted to swallow my ***. So she started sucking the head of my **** struggling to fit 7" girth down her throat she kept saying how big and fat it was.

When i was about to *** i had to watch her face i warned her so she knew. Then i watched her eyes widen as i shot my load into her mouth, she swallowed then caught the next shot. Opened her mouth it was full the next shot went across her face she swallowed the other mouthful while having a huge load of *** on her face. I then put my **** back in her mouth for the last shot which wasnt as much as the others. My balls aching as she swallowed the last of it while playing with her gorgeous ****
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So did you **** her again after that night