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Me and my friend (not saying names) went to the movies last weekend. After the movie he asked if i wanted to come to his house for the night because it was already late so i said yeah and we caught the bus to his house. When we got to his house i saw his mom who was soo hot. She was wearing just robe because she didnt know i was coming. We didnt really have to ask each others moms because we knew each other so long. She said O hey i didnt you were coming are you staying? I said yes and me and my friend went upstairs. Later that night at around 2:00 a.m i got thirsty and went downstairs to get something to drink. When i went downstairs i saw my friends mom in the kitchen. She asked me what am i doing up so late. I told her i was thirsty. She told me to go into the livingroom and bring me some soda. She brung the soda in the living still wearing the same robe, and instantly my penis got hard. I took a few sips then she noticed my erect penis and said "Are you uncomfortable". I said no im okay, then she said you dont have to be uncomfortable around me while rubbing my ****. Then she took her robe off and asked is my friend sleep. I said yeah. Then she commenced to sucking my ****. She was divorced so i knew i didnt have to worry about her husband. After she got done sucking my **** she turned around and leaned against the table and me being a 16 year old virgin i didnt really know what i was doing so she grabbed my penis and put it in. She was trying not to moan but a couple screams slipped out. She then turned around layed on the couch and i put her legs on my shoulders and penetrated from that position. After about 40 minutes i came over her stomach. Then she told me never to speak of this again. I could tell she needed some **** being divorced for a whole year so i didnt really feel bad about doing it even though its my friends mom. This story is 100% true i swear, If you dont believe me thats your opinion!
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The same happend to me when i was at high school

wow so sexy add me please

Has that been the only time you ****** her? If in fact it is true you should be making return visits when your friend is not around. How old is his mother?

Naw i havent screwed her since the timing hasnt worked in my favor but she told me she wants to

Dude keep ******* her