Unforgettable Moments

 My friend has a very hot mom that somehow i was able to **** last month. My friend and I went to a basketball game and then after i slept over at his place. In the morning i saw his mom and faked a neck injury so that she could rub my body. Well she did and during it i popped an erection. She told me to stay an extra day which i did. During the afternoon, my friend went over to his dad's house, so his mom and i were left alone. we watched 2 movies. During the last movie she kept rubbing my shoulders and i started to feel her nice legs. After the movie was done she started to give me a massage. After that we went into the shower to wash up before bed. We made out very passionately and almost like we were both young teens. We dried each other off and i put on my pj's and hopped into the bed with her. We started to once again kiss very passionately and we starting to takeoff each other' s clothes. She then started to suck my penis while i grabbed her boobs. After a good suck, she rode my hard ****. It was great having her boobs in my face. I then took her off and f**ked her from behind. I then cummed in her vagina. She was moaning so loud that security almost came. She then started sucking my **** and then i came on her face. She washed up and we slept together the rest of the evening. In the morning we had shower sex and she drove me home while giving me a ******* just before i got out the car.

ElieKD ElieKD
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how luck u are is it true!

Can i **** her as well :) n hows ur mom

my mom sleeps still nude at night, even when my best friend, hes jus 16 is at home, he often sleeps with mom on bed wen hes here for night overs

Dang that's ******* awesome

Always amazes me how the mom sucks ****. If she sucked her husbands ****, her ***** would not be lonely.

Friends moms r always hot

Someone *** my mom she needs it she loves a guy


his mom and i XD

love it!

so that's what you wish would happen right? not real

WOW, very hot! Sounds like she really needed some lovin! Lucky for you!

How come a lot slutty hungry moms

i have a hot mom ...anyone interested ... all of my friends thinks shes hot and ive ever herd stories that she likes to take it in the ***


Can I see a pic of her? Id **** her *** good tell her I said that

Where you live?

if u have a fit body,u try my mom,my mom always ****** wid heman style mans,she is hot n sexy n u enjoying wid her

My best friend's mom is so ******* hot. I am trying to come up with a way to **** her.

My wife had sex with 4 boys from our hockey team

sounds awesome i got a few friends with hot moms i wouldnt mind *******

I'd love for that to happen to my wife while I was at work, then have her tell me all the details.<br />
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