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Last week my friend sent me a text message asking if I'd do him a favor. I said sure depending on what it was . He is a straight 26 yea old and his wife is a stunning 22 year old . He said he wanted someone to **** his wife while he watched . I went to their house , we talked about the ground rules . They were : no anal sex and no condoms. He put in a pron to get us in the mood. We all quickly undressed . She started by stroking our dicks . She started sucking him while I licked her wet **** . After I got hard, she put my **** in her mouth and begin sucking . After a while I shot my load in her hot mouth. She continued to suck me till I got hard again. She said she wanted me inside of her . I positioned my self so I could enter her . I slide my **** in her wet hot pu**y. We ****** for several minutes till I filled her pu*^y twice with my *** . Afterward I cleaned her pu^*y clean of my *** . When we were done her husband had her suck him till he came and swallowed his *** . We gathered ourselves , had a few drinks and continued to watch pron. Once we were aroused we begin to **** again , while her husband stroked his **** . We ****** till we were exhausted.
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I guess you know you are so lucky to have a friend like that! Do you still see them?

Now THAT's what friends are for!

good friends any way.

Is that her? does she know that you put these pictures out?

She knows . The pics were her idea the story mine.

Damm she is hot

You lucky man, are you going to **** her again soon?

Maybe , I\'ll definately try to .


Lucky girl!!!

This is strange. Your friend asked you to fu ck his wife. And you were all in agreement. What happens now? Is the baby his or yours? Sure it probably was great in the moment, but aren't you at all concerned what happens now? I am curious....

The baby is his . I had a vasectomy back in 1989. I understand your concern . But, the baby is not mine .

And the rest of my questions? Thank you.

The entire thing was his idea, he wanted his wife to enjoy herself . What happens now is we are all still good friends and we have cook outs and fun quiet evenings watching movies or just relaxing . I am not concerned cause I told them that the sex would only happen when they wanted it not .

Great pictures - was this request from you friend a shock or did you see it comming? Have you been invited again?

It was a request from his wife . And since this night we have done this twice . She is currently pregnant and has stated after the baby is born she might want to continue .

Wow pregnant - I think pregnant ladies are so sexy

Now those are friends I would love to have !

Cute girl. Did she *** when you ate the ********?

Yes she did and the combination was fantastic

That's really cool man... best bit is you guys are all still friends. Well, ok, the best bit is you guy to **** this seriously smoking hot babe!! :P
Post more of her if you can.


you shouldn't did should had more respect for your self.... guess you didn't....

I appreciate your statement. But, let me say that I do respect myself. I agree that the first time might have been precieved by some as inappropriate behavior on my part. But, the other times they were the ones who kept calling and asking me to come join them. And also his wife still send me nude pics of her about ionce a month.

you had any respect for your self you would have said no.......

did you had to hust show then on here.....

no you didn't.....

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Very hot of you to clean her ***** and eat your ***. ! That is (I think) on my bucket list.

it was on my list

My trouble (so far) is that I lose my "horny" after I ***.

Nice story. I was once invited to help out a couple when I was much younger. I chickened out. Wouldn't make that mistake again.

It was a wonderful experience

I bet. Did they ever have you back for repeats? Or was it just a curiosity thing for them?

We have met several time for a *********.

Nice of him to share his wife with you and for you to make sure she was thoroughly satisfied.

I like people who think the way wife and I do! You're my type guy!

You are such a good friend.

Good boy

She sure is a babe and a really sexy tattoo

Despite your inclinations to be politically a bit conservative, I see that you are quite liberal when it comes to sex. Congratulations, as I feel just like you. I will read more of your stories when I have time and would love your comments on our own (and rating if you like my experiences). Love, Tina

Yes Tina , I guess we are alike when it comes to sex . I will comment on your stories and pics as soon as I can .

I would like for you to look at her pics

Sounds like a pleasurable evening between consenting adults who are respectful and who desire pleasure. I have read many here like this. Yours seems the most respectful and loving. Why is that? You seem to have things under control... Thank you for this posting. Intriguing...xoxo

I think it's because we were friends first before lovers, we still hang out and do things together. and yes the sex is wonderful

Yes, I think you are correct. Which makes me ask this then: was the intimacy wonderful too? Or is this different? Tell me with words. Thank you. xox

The intimacy was wonderful, It is hard to describe, it was spontaneous , erotis and very sensual. Everything just happened like if we had done it several times.

Now they have a friend who wants to join in on the fun. She is 28.

i need to hang out with you and them, haha