My Bf's Brother

She woke me up by eating my *****.

"Oooooooo, Emily, let me wake up first" I moaned softly.

"Isn't this a nice way to wake up?" she giggled, as her tongue resumed flicking back and forth over my ****.

I had slept over, and we had shared her bed, and we had shared each other.

My supple body was soon writhing wantonly on the sheets, naked and lusciously alive, as Em propelled me toward ******

"Well, well, well" came a male voice from the doorway. "Won't Mom and Dad be upset when I tell them about this."

We both looked and there was her older brother standing in the doorway, fresh from his morning shower, and wearing only a towel draped around his waist. He was two years older than us, a Senior. We were only Sophomores. He was gorgeous, all tan muscles.

"OK, what do you want this time?" she demanded impatiently, unable to hide her irritation. She sat up on the edge of the bed, clasping the sheet to her naked body, trying to cover herself. I was completely exposed and his eyes were drinking in my nakedness.

"Oh, I don't know" he said, as he stepped into her bedroom and closed the door behind him. "We could start with you two sucking my **** and go from there."

She giggled and looked at me. "What do you say?" she asked me. "It might be fun."

"Would your really suck your brother's ****?" I asked her. "Cause I think your big brother is hot for his little sister"

He sort of blushed and lowered his eyes. "Is that true?" Emily asked him. "Brian, do you want to **** me?"

He looked up with a sheepish grin on his face, and the way his **** was tenting that towel, threatening to poke through it, there was no need for him to answer. I couldn't blame him, Emily was a sexy girl, all curvy and pretty.

She looked back at me. "No, I would not **** my big brother" she answered me. "But maybe he'd be satsified with just you? How about it, Brian? Would you settle for ******* this little blonde ****?"

He moved to the bed and I slid my legs out, sitting on the edge of the bed, reaching for that towel. I tugged it and it fell to the floor, revealing his delicious looking ****. His sister and I stared at it and then we looked at each other, with knowing smiles.

"He's got a nice one" I breathed hotly, as I reached for it, wrapping my fingers around it, and began to stroke my fists up and down it. "Are you sure you don't want to **** your brother?"

She smiled up at him. "I'm not that sort of girl" she giggled. "Even if my brother is a perv who wants to **** his sister"

I snaked out my pink tongue and began to lick his ****, snaking my tongue up and down his shaft, as his little sister watched me.

"Lay back so I can eat your ***** while you suck his ****" she suggested. He and I both looked at her, smiling broadly at her undisguised hunger for my delicious *****.

"It seems like both the girls and the boys in this family want to **** me" I giggled as I rested on one elbow, and spread my legs, sucking on his **** while his little sister resumed tonguing my steamy *****. It was wonderful. I engulfed his delicious **** in my hotly sucking mouth, while she used her tongue to tease and excite my ****, until both he and I were on the verge of *******.

I gulped down his milky ***, as my body shook and trembled with the wonderful ****** that she had given me. When he stopped *******, his potent **** did not soften, and he quickly pushed her aside, moving between my legs and buried his still hard **** deep in my slippery wet ***** chasm.

I cried out with joy, at his sudden invasion, and the room was filled with my cries of joy.

"Shut this **** up" he cautioned his sister, "before Mom and Dad hear."

She giggled as she straddled my face and smothered my cries in her syruppy ****. She ground her ***** against my face, urging me to use my tongue, as her brother ****** me with long, fast strokes. His hungry eyes feasted lustfully on the taboo sight of his sisters lusciously naked body as she writhed and gyrated wantonly on my face, lost in the glorious sensations that my wicked tongue was stirring up in her *****, and the erotic sight drove him quickly to *** again, spurting hot *** into me.

His little sister came as well, her body quivering and trembling with orgasmic spasms, as my tongue ****** as deeply as possible into her ****.

He collapsed on the bed, his spent **** draped across his thigh like a snake, and she collapsed beside him, the two of them naked and blissed out.

I sat up smiling at them, as I licked her sweet juices from my lips. They were both beautiful people. "Is there anyone else in this family that might want to **** me?" I asked and we all laughed.



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well told blondie... so hot!

Thanks for that, heading to the shower ... :)

now that was hot to read makes me hungry 4 some myself. Any brother nd sisters out there wanna share me?

now that was hot to read makes me hungry 4 some myself. Any brother nd sisters out there wanna share me?

supper sexy sweetheart :*

great story!!!!

you little blond **** omg i m wet

Thanks lil ****, you've given me a huge hard on at work! What to do now?

wow....u made me tingle inside. lol!

That is an awesome story! You are a lucky girl!

Excellent!! Now if i was the dad and caught you, oohh youd be so punished.

Very good read. Effective erotica.