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Gay Sex With Girlfriends Brother

Back in college, my girlfriend invited me to stay at her folks house for the weekend.  THey were out of the country for 2 weeks.  After a long session of sex she had to leave for work.  I was just laying there naked on the bed stroking myself when I looked up and say her brother staring.  I smiled and he returned it.  I layed back and closed my eyes.  Next thing I know he is on the bed next to me.  stroking me.    He slide around and started sucking.  His **** was near my face so I retunred it.    We both came huge loads.    We kissed a bit, then he left.  We never said a word.  When she got back she bade the comment that she and I really made some big *** stains on the be sheets.  :)



The next morning during sex I looked up and her brother was watching us again.  After she went to work, he was back and said he wanted to try that..  He was an awesome top.   Then I returned the favor inside of him. 

As I left to head back to college my girlfriend said her brother really loved having me around.

about 15 years latter I got an email from her.  Asking why I never told her about sex with her and her brother.  I guess he finally told her.

Actually... He was the better **** of the two

talltabatha talltabatha 46-50, T 1 Response Mar 30, 2010

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My sister was going out with an army guy. One night I got up to get a drink of water and I heard the TV so I went to around and he was sitting there in his jocks. I sat next to him and we started talking. It was very hot so I asked him if he wanted to go for a swim. He said he didn't bring his togs and I told him not to worry about it. We went skinny dipping. I joined him in the shower after. He had a thick, uncut **** and I got a hard on right away. He didn't seem to mind. I sucked him in the shower and afterwards brought him back to my room. We kissed for a bit and he stuck a finger up my arse. He asked if he could **** me and I said ok. He was kind of rough, but I didn't mind. He ****** me really hard. It was my first time and it still gets me hard just thinking about it. We did it a few more times until my sister met a new guy. I miss him.