My First *********

Livivn in Jeffreys bay, I had the hots for 2 of the most beautiful woman for a while. On the night before my departure, I went out and got slambed, rather "Rat Boozed."
I was walking home when a car pulled over, it was the two I was after, asking if I would like a lift home.
Very quickly the woman in the passenger seat moved up demanding me to sit next to her, I obviously followed orders, I mean Woman are the "government" so to speak.
From this vantage point, I was able to get into "carressing" distance of both very eager "mounds." Which I wasted no time doing.
Surprising enough, not one comlained, they where very "open to the idea."
We got back to my place, decided that we where quite comfortable in the car, and for the rest of the night, I spent going from one to another, moving in with both into the back seat.
To my disgust they finally said that they had to go home before their husbands went out looking for them.
I went back to my room, and thanks to the overs nuts, ahd to take care of myself.
lechef1971 lechef1971
36-40, M
Jul 13, 2010