Hubbys Friend Is Hung

my hubby has a friend that is hung and he keeps asking me to hookup with him and in side i wont to but i have not yet just wont to see what some of you would say
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I worked it out by giving my sister to my Hubby. I knew she had the hots for him and he knew sis and I had often done ********** with our boyfriends. So I got her to come over one night wearing a sheer blouse with a bra of hers sits below her nipples. Also a.plaid miniskirt, no panties, sheer black stockings and 5 inch stiletto pumps. We sat on either side of him watching tv. Her skirt in het up so her stocking tops showed out up to her garterbelt clips, I saw he was bulging in his pants. I sent him to bring another bottle of wine. Sis spread her legs just enough that when he came back in it would be impossible for him not to have a full view of her *****. He did a stutter step in mod stride and blushed. By now his bulge was very noticeable so i took his pants off " to make him more comfortable" and got no resistance. Sis goes "OMG! It is so hot to see a big hard **** about to bust out of silk panties!" More blushing and a small wet spot appears. He sits down and I ask him to feel her stockings to see if they are as silky as mine. He does and she takes his hand and very slowly slides it up to her *****. I am quite wet now and pretty sure sis is too. He looks at me and stammers "I shouldn't do this!" I go " oh dear but you must!. I don't.want my sister going home frustrated! With that he shot his load in his panties! Sis goes "Dammit! I wanted that deep Mee!" She pulled his panties off him & put them on her and began rubbing his juice all over her *****. Then she pulled him down onto the deep pile carpet and demanded he lick his *** and her wetness off her. It didn't take long for him to regain the means to **** her good!
Now to get to the point, once I had him ******* my sister regularly I told him it is damn time you bring James over for me. He reluctantly agreed and life has been great for all of us **** freaks!

I wouldn't do it unless you've talked about this kind of thing with the husband and gotten his clearance

Go for it ..........

do that i have also done so and my life has changed for good

My take too. Few women can be satisfied fully by one man. It is amazing when he and his friend take turns with me in one night. They get so turned on watching the other **** me that they "recover" nicely and it goes on for hours! My ***** is sore for two days but I'm in euphoria most of the week!

Your p-ussy if yours. If you want to f-uck someone, then do it. Simply wait till your hubby is f-ucking you and is building up to c-umming, then tell him you want to have a ******** with the other man. Do that a few times and every time he gets horney, he'll think of watching another man f-ucking you, and real soon he'll suggest you do it for real. Then DO IT. Do it once a week at first, and then more often and soon build up to 3 then 4 or more men that you get to f-uck non-stop for your pleasure alone.

You should go to the gynacologist. See how long your Vaginal canal is.If it can handle 12 inches than yea do it youll experience pleasure you never thought was there.but if you have a 6 inch canal than a 6 inch penis should suffice :)

I've encouraged my wife to play around if she wanted to as long as I know about it.

AJ - If I understand this correctly, your husband's friend, who is well hung, has been trying to seduce you. Your husband does not know. What makes much of these wife sharing relationships work is honesty and communication. What would happen if you asked your husband what he thinks of a MMF ********* - since it is your fantasy? You may be surprised by his answer. If it happens to be "no"; then the sanctity of your marriage must outweigh your desire to follow through with this. Its a boring answer, but its my opinion. Good Luck.

how do you know he is hung, have you spied on him or just by word of mouth.

hubby dose not know a bout it just his friend

is it your hubby wanting you to hook up w/ this guy or the guy wanting to hook up w/ you? if it's hubby that's asking, and you want it, then why the hell not?