Afl Grand Final

The last Australian Football League Grand Final was a special weekend. Steve had invited three friends over to watch the game. Of course I have had sex with two of those friends – so they knew about me, but Anthony was one of Steve’s friends I’d not previously met or ******!

The guys all arrived between 1 and 2 in the afternoon and they settled in the lounge room with beers in hand to watch the pre-game show and get ready for the Geelong and Hawthorn final. It was a really warm spring day here so I’d dressed in a simple white tee shirt and blue jeans. I was dresses in the blue and white of Geelong!

My plan wasn’t to sit and watch the game. I was going to sit outside in the sun and catch up on some magazine reading – Cosmo, Vogue and some Penthouses too.

Anyway the day was getting warmer so after a while I decided that I’d start work on my tan while I was outside in the sun. So I just stood up and ******** off my top and jeans. Of course I didn’t have a bra on and I was only wearing the tiniest white lacy thong you could imagine. It was a perfect sun tanning outfit. Steve and I had picked out this little thong earlier in the morning with my sun tanning in mind.

Did I mention that all the guys in the lounge room had a perfect view though the sliding glass doors out to the small lawned courtyard? So here I was, almost naked in full view of Steve and his friends. But remember I’ve ****** all but one of the guys previously so it was only Anthony who may have been surprised to see me like this.

Later Steve told me that Anthony was completely amazed to see me so relaxed in front of his friends.

Because I wasn’t sure that the guys had noticed me, I decided that I needed a drink. I walked into the lounge and sat in Peter’s lap and without even asking took a long swig of his Crown Lager. Peter’s hands easily moved over my body and he soon had a hand rubbing my left breast – and he did this without even taking his eyes off the football – the scores were still close.

I moved around in Peter’s lap so that I was now facing him. I proceeded to kiss him. Engaging his tongue with mine and making sure his hands moved over my buttocks and breasts. This was staring to excite me and from the firm penis in his pants, I was starting to excite him. He moved his head down and started to suckle on my breasts, alternating from one to the other. Kissing, sucking and licking me. I was enjoying this attention and looked around the room.

I looked directly at Anthony and asked if I could have a swig of his beer.

He stammered as I stood up from Peter’s lap and walked across the room. I climbed into his chair to kneel on the chair facing Anthony. My small breasts were at his eye level. I took the beer from his hand and had a long swig. I then leant into him and kissed his mouth, letting him taste the beer from my tongue.

I then said “Steve, will you tell Anthony that he has to come out and put some sun screen on me.” Steve said “Sure Babe. Anthony will you help Carol out with that.”

I took Anthony by the hand and walked him out to the sun lounge outside. On my way I stopped and kissed Steve – really, really deeply and then also kissed Jim telling them not to worry, they would have the chance of taking me too, before heading outside.

Once outside I rolled on my tummy and had Anthony start applying the sun screen cream to my back. After a while he became more relaxed and was doing a good job of massaging my skin. He eventually moved all the way down my naked back to my buttocks. I enjoyed him caressing them as well as my thighs. I spread my legs a little and worked my butt closer to his hands. I mumbled something like “You can touch me on the inside as well.”

He was massaging my legs and inner thighs and eventually he started to move his fingers closer to my vulva. As he would do this, I would press back, making sure he knew he could go further. Inside I was already wet with anticipation.

Eventually I became frustrated with his lack of progress and I reached down and slid my thong off my hips and down my legs. I said “Anthony, will you please remove my thong and finger **** me?”

He removed the thong from my legs and I heard Jim and Peter call out to him. They were egging him on, but he was excited already. I knew from his long firm penis.

I soon felt a single finger in my ***** and I asked for more and I wanted it faster. Before too long I was climaxing as I had a new man slipping into me and exciting me. Before Long I rolled over and asked him to **** me. In an instant he was out of his pants and he had his penis in me ******* me in front on my husband and his two other friends. I made no attempt at all to be quiet as I enjoyed the ****. I came and I made sure they all knew it.

I kept kissing Anthony as we ****** and when we weren’t kissing I made sure I was telling him absolutely obscene things in his ear as we ******. I love the intensity of feeling another human being so close.

Before the afternoon was over I ****** all the guys. We moved the party into my flat (the converted garage) and I spent the evening and early night with four men, all of whom ****** me and watched as I ****** the others. We drank, we kissed, we ate, we sucked, we licked, we came, we yelled, we sweated, we came some more, and we ****** again. All in all, a perfect weekend.

Oh, but Hawthorn won the footy.



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I was wandering if there were any other aussies on this site. So nice to find there are and oh so hot. Thanks so much and pls friend me


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Very lucky hubby and friends.

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