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Best Friend ****** My Wife Over And Over

my wife and i were engaged while she was a senior in highschool and i was away at tech school.  when i graduated i moved out of town to get a job.  i would come home on weekends to see her and we would **** any chance we got in those 2 days.  well about 4 months after i got the job out of town she told me she was pregnant so we decided to get married.    the night before the wedding we were at a party that some friends had thrown for us.  about 9 my soon to be wife said she need to go home to get rest for the next day.  she said that i could stay that my best man would take her home.   i trusted both of them so i was ok with it.    i tell you all that to say several years later i found out my wife had an affair with a neighbor's son.  he was 15.  when his parents found out they got us all together to talk about it.   i found out at that time that this was not her first affair.  going back to when i moved out of town to get the job, my best friend and the one to be my best man started ******* the girl that i was engaged to.  seems they ****** every day after school and sometimes before school too. so here i find out that he was having her 5 days a week and i was getting her 2.   then she told me when she left the party the night before the wedding she didn't go home.  she spent the night with this guy.  she was full of his *** during our wedding.   she then told me that after the wedding when she went to her parents house to change cloths for the honey moon he got her again.  so he was last to **** her before she got married and first after she got married.   seems that when he would come and visit us in our new town he  would **** her when i was at work.   this was back when they still drafted people into the army and i got drafted.  so after about a yr of marriage i was drafted so i mover my wife and child home to her parents.  well once i was gone to the basic training seems they started seeing each other regularly.  she would spend many nights at his house.  After I got out of the army he would again come and visit us.  ******* her every chance he got.
sissycuck4u sissycuck4u 51-55, M 18 Responses Jun 25, 2010

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Does your wife know you crossdress?

she does now she didn't know at first

Would u like her to have u around dressed up? Maybe help her get ready for a date as a maid or serve them dinner and drinks? Would she be agreeable?

that would be very hot to do


Love the idea that she still had this guy's *** in her ***** as she was marrying you, leaking out into her panties!

I ****** my wife's best friends husband ,the ***** was ******* anything with a **** so I did the same sucked his **** then let him **** me in our bed it was fantastic after that **** was better than anything else

join the crowd dude. It happens. It happen to me too. women want their cake and eat it too. Thank goodness I'm not with her anymore and found a true love and faithful.

Thats a fantastic slutwife you married, its great that the best had his way with her and during the ceremony his *** was running down your leg.Its great that your wife was well shared and once she was married hope she was no longer on birth control and everybody got her bareback

always bareback but sometimes she was on birth control but not always

I wish my wife would do that to me! Did your wife have his baby? I wish my wife would have another man's baby!!

What you describe is the way it should be for a wife.

yes they should **** as many guys as the can

he isn't her only **** buddy. yes am a lucky man

What can I say.. Your all very sick..but then you like that.

so correct. lol

She's disgusted but read all the way through the whole thing, including the comments and everything..... LOL

thanks for stopping by lydiawongz. you have a good day.

both u and your wife have no dignity! I can only people are useless bunch of people in our society! You all should be better off dead..don't throw your dads and mum 's face..most probably u will go hell for wat u done.. Shooo..go away u bunch of dirty people!

seems our wifes just can't pass up any ****.

I was a cuckold long before i married my first wife, so my first wife was ****** silly by my best friend long before we got married. He was my best man during my wedding and therefore he was, off cause, the last man ******* my wife before our wedding too. And to make the matters worse he stopped our wedding car that he drove on our way to the photographer and pulled my wife out of the car and ****** her right in front of my eyes, just half an hour after she married me, knowing perfectly well how mush I enjoyed watching that! And what could I say when my father in law in his speech later on said that he hoped his daughter was just as faithful to me as his wife has been to him and I sat there and knew perfectly well that my best friends *** still was dripping out of her puzzy? He he. And he did not stop there, coz he ****** her almost silly the whole wedding night too! Today I’m married to my wife number two and you guessed it right when you guessed that my best friend still ******* my wife from time to time, coz he does. The last time he dropped by was three weeks ago and then he didn’t say anything at all, he just walked right in to my wife and unbuttoned my wife’s pants, pulled them down to her knees and pushed her forward before he started ******* my wife in the *** and pull off all of her cloths she had on her upper body! With both of his hands on my wife ****, his **** deep up my wife’s *** and his tongue inside my wife’s sucking mouth he came in her *** almost without a sound, then he just pulled his **** out of my wife’s *** and left her standing there naked with a large amount of his *** dripping out of her *** and down her legs and I just loved it! I gave her a sloppy second **** and gave her some more *** up her tight little ******* and I’m so grateful that she is in on this. Really! Brings back a lot of good memories … He he

That is awesome "hornyohcouple516". You should help your wife find a new best friend!

Wow. Your real life experience is almost every cuckold's dream.<br />
<br />
My wife ****** my best man/best friend 3 weeks before our wedding, but I was there and I instigated. I didn't become a cuckold until later in our marriage as things evolved.