First ********* With Husband's Friend

A good friend, Rob, came to visit my husband and me for the weekend. We had dinner, wine, and conversation and eventually decided it was time to call if off and go to sleep. My husband, Jack, undressed me in our bedroom and after kissing me, sucking on my nipples, put his fingers in me until I was very wet and wanted him. He then had me put on my robe and walked me back to the living room where our friend was still sitting on the couch. The whole way Jack has his fingers in me. He told me to go to Rob and left. I did, but was very nervous and uncertain.

Rob kissed me and opened my robe and things went on from there. He took me by the hand to the guest bedroom and after foreplay, he entered me. At that point Jack came in and kissed me on the lips and neck while Rob ****** me hard. I came, Rob came -- his *** seeping out of me. Jack then started ******* me while I sucked Rob. Jack and I came. Jack laid with us for a while. I played with Rob's penis and when he was hard again, Jack said to enjoy myself and to come to bed with him when I was ready.

Rob ****** me two more time The door was open so Jack could hear us -- I'm noisy when making love. After, I went back to my bedroom with Jack and he ****** me hard until I came once more. He told me he loved the silky feel of another man's *** in me.

The next day, it was quiet for a time. Then, the guys shared me again before Jack had to leave to catch a plane.

This was my first ********* experience. Rob ****** me again on eight other occasions. Once was without Jack when I spent the night and day with Rob. He had me five times. The last was outdoors on a creek in the country. We were swimming naked. On the bank I sucked Rob and then he ****** me -- my first time outdoor.

It has been a wonderful experience. Two men touching me, being in me, and loving on me has been incredibly sensual.
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4 Responses Jul 22, 2010

Great Experience ! Wish I could also have same way !

This is how my wife and I like it, - comfortable with one another, and the lover free to take my wife whenever he feels like it. On the other hand, my wife is comfortable calling our special friend when she is hot and needs some extra sex. We both get off on the *** running down her legs the next morning. She says she hates to clean up afterwards!

I have always thought it would be fun to share my first wife with another man. But she could not even talk to me about sex or her desires. I think she did have fun with others when she told me she was going out with girls she would come home and be very wet and ready to go. I often thought she had a different sent to her and I would imagine I was getting her for the second time of the evening. She some times begged to just take her with little to no foreplay I think she was afraid I would smell the sent of another man in her but she like oral and could not resist me going down on her even though she was afraid of getting caught. YOU ARE SO LUCKY.