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We lived in a very nice neighborhood a couple of years ago and our neighbors where this couple with two really hot sons. The guy was really nice but the wife was a stuck up *****. One day I noticed that she was packing her car and I asked if they where going on vacation. She told me that she was going on a business trip for a week and was leaving the boys to fend for themselves. I told her that if I saw a fire I would call it in and we both laughed.
That night I told my husband that I was going to check on them to see if they had enough food. We had a common back yard gate and I walked over to their back door. The oldest boy was there and opened the door dressed only in his boxers. I noticed right away that he had a nice bulge going and I think he saw me looking. I asked if they had food ready for dinner and he said that he was just going to cook a frozen pizza.
I said yuck and opened the refrigerator. She had left several dinners for them to heat up so I pulled one out. I asked when his father and brother where coming home, he told me in about two hours as the boy had a college thing to go to.
I warmed up the dinner for him as he sat and waited. I noticed that he was watching my every move and he was sitting so the table was between us. After he had eaten I walked around his side and looked down, he was fully erect with the boxers barely containing it!
He just looked up at me and I smiled. I reached down and grabbed his hard, 20 year old thing and stroked it thru his boxers. He stood up and I dropped to my knees pulling his boxers down and putting it in my mouth.
There I was, a 35 year old married woman on her knees working on a 20 year old boy. He was rock hard and he was so sensitive! He admitted later that it was his first BJ. I didn't have to work too long or hard before he released into my mouth. It was so sweet and full bodied, I am sure he was very potent!
Like all young guys five minutes later he was ready again but this time I pulled my shorts down and grabbed the island. He got behind me and pushed in. I could tell he was not familiar with women and really clumsy but once he got going he did just fine. We where so into it I didn't notice his younger 18 year brother walk in. I looked up to see him staring and immediately thought Oh crap, his father was with him!
Fortunately dad had dropped him off and had to run back to his office to pick up something!
To his credit the oldest never pulled out or stopped pumping! The 18 year old just watched until his brother finished. I asked if he would like a turn. He looked a little scared but I grabbed his hand and pulled him into his room asking how long his father would be. He said at least an hour.
I got on his bed and laid down with my legs open and he got on top. He was almost the same size and shape as his brother, making me wonder what dad was like. He only lasted a few minutes and he was very clumsy, this one I would have to teach a lot to. I got up and told them they could never say anything, if my husband found out he would divorce me. Of course my husband was next door waiting for me to come home and tell him all about it. I promised them I would be back and continue this little ********* thing.
I went home and told my husband what had happened and he got all hot so I let him have a little fun before I cleaned up.
The next morning I went over and knocked on the door. The father answered and I braced myself, hoping that the boys had not told him what had happened. Obviously they didn't, or he acted like they had not. We talked and I lied saying my husband was not at home. One thing led to another and he kissed me. It didn't take long for us to get up into the guest room and go at it. He was built just like his sons only bigger. Although he wasn't as hard he knew what he was doing and I had more ******* that morning than I had in a long time. I walked home after about two hours of that and called my husband who had left for work. I know he was in an office full of people but I told him every detail, including my comparison of the two boys and their father. He told me later that he couldn't get up from his desk for an hour!
This went on all week while their mother was out of town and to tell you the truth I needed a break at that time as I was getting sore! I did get the boys trained up though!
I got together with the boys several times after that but the father didn't want to continue. We moved and I haven't heard from them again but a friend told me that he had found out that she was sleeping with her boss on that business trip and they had split up with her pregnant from her boss! What a *****.
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