She Helped Soak My Panties In Our Juices

This is probably going to be a very hot story for you to read. It was 1 a.m. and my doorbell rang. I went to the door and the neighbor lady was there. She's 22 and I'm 18 so it's not like she was an older older woman. Anyway. So she was feeling a little frisky and couldn't sit still. She told me she was horny and I asked her what she expected me to do about it. She lunged toward me and kissed me passionately. I didn't resist and she ran her hand up my thigh and started rubbing. I wanted to tell her to stop but was paralyzed by curiousity and lust. She then stopped kissing me and got on her knees. She spread my legs a little more and began to rub me through my panties while looking into my eyes. Something inside me just wanted her.
She then pulled my soaking wet panties to the side and started to finger my tight *****. I moaned in pleasure and started to undress her as she was undressing me. She asked if I ever had anal. I told her no and she took one of my ****** and put lube on it and slowly inserted it in my tight *******. She then started licking me and slid it deeper and deeper until it was all the way inside me. She then nibbled on my **** which drove me insane with pleasure. Then I started to rub her through her panties. We then took off our panties and started to fondle each other's breasts and kiss. We got on my bed and started to grind our ******* together. It was hot. **** on ****, ***** on ***** until we both squirted (it was so beautiful) inside each other. We both moaned and had an ****** at the same time and trembled as we pressed our ******* harder against each other. We then kept grinding and grinding and before we knew it an hour had passed. We then switched panties and fingered ourselves in them, soaking the others panties in each others juices.
We then switched again and fingered ourselves in our own panties. It felt good and was very erotic to know that we were taking in each other inside our tight *******.
All in all it was the freakiest most hot sex I ever had. Then I taught her my trick of putting the entire panty inside your ***** and rubbing your **** until you soaked your panties in your ***. So we did that too and then switched panties again and wouldn't you know it? I came again in HER panties and she came in MY panties again. We then took them off again and sucked on them, relishing in the taste of our ***** juices mixed together.
And that's the story of my sexual encounter with my neighbor. How hot is that?
Kelleigh Kelleigh
18-21, F
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OH. WOW. Now I"M wet, you should add me ;p

Very hot story, so do you still have fun together?

that is definitely a very hot adventure, stuffing your panties must also give a fullness feeling inside, thanks for sharing

Very HOT!!

wow wow wow

oh so sexy

It's not fiction trust me

Sounds like some great fiction reading.