Horny Girl Next Door

I live in a college apartment complex, and we have paper thin walls. I can here the people next to me. Recently I have been ******* my roommates girl and its been going well she is okay. But the other nite I was reading in my room all my roommates in the common area watching March madness. While in my room reading I heard the girls next door talking, the one girl was talking about "how desperate for ****" she was and "Wildly Horny" she was and how she wanted some no strings attached sex.

I wanted to run right in that room and **** her, but I did not know how to approach her. Like do I knock on her door and say I over heard you talking so lets ****. I posted a question here and on Yahoo answers and got 0 respons. So after hours of contemplating I figured the best way to do it was be upfront. We walk together to campus because we both have a 9 am class (all 5 days) and I always see her on the way back at 11. I started walking with her and making it obvious that I was checking her out. I would ask her about what she did last night. She would say "I sat in my room all alone". I began to stare at her **** and basicly eye **** her. We started talking more she started picking up on my sublte moves. By the 3rd day we decided to skip 9am class and go get breakfast. I told her how horny I was and we had a bunch of long boring mindless conversation. one thing led to another and we made plans to meet up at 11:30 her place.

I knocked on her she answers with a tiny white V neck on no bra and tiny soccer shorts that hardly covered her massive ***. We got straight to work, we got straight in her room and ****** for about an hour. Her ***** taste amazing I want to lick it for hours upon hours so juicy and always wet. She likes it hard. after we ****** the first time she swallowed my entire load with a smile said it taste amazing. She went into the shower and while watching her  perfectly round juicy *** walk away I got hard again. I ran into the shower and pushed her up against the wall started ******* her. She began to moan and told me that she was waiting for me .Since then we have been ******* about 2 or more times a day.

she sends text saying things like im thirsty give me some *** and I just walk right in and **** her. Push her up agains the wall or in the shower or over the counter...She lets me do whatever I want with her...its amazing life is good.
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horny as ****!!!

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God I envy you! Takes me back 30 years to uni. Great story.