Couldn't Ask For A Better Neighbor

This is the true story of how I came to have sex with a female neighbor of mine…

My husband and I moved into our house a few years ago. It is a nice, suburban neighborhood with lots of young families. My husband travels a lot for work but I am fortunate enough to work out of the home. Shortly after moving in, we met an awesome couple who live a few houses away named Steve and Jessica.

Steve is an accountant who works long hours and makes good money. They have two kids and Jessica is a stay at home mom (although both her kids go to school during the day). Jess and I hit it off right away. She is so beautiful with long, curly dark hair, brown eyes, a very cute face, and a very curvy body with size 36C breasts. It was weird… even though she is very appealing and I was attracted to her, I didn’t think of having sex with her. I did think she was beautiful but I never tried to hit on her.

Jess and I would talk often. Our families usually got together once or twice a month for dinner or drinks. Her husband and mine get along well also. Since I work out of the house and Jess is a stay at home mom, we started getting together for coffee a couple mornings a week. It was our time to have “girl talk” and just have fun together.

Once day, Jess said to me, “Steve has been working so many long days lately and he is just beat when he gets home. I can’t remember the last time we had sex. I swear it was well over a month ago.” I laughed at she told me they have good sex and usually go at it about once a week. I told her my husband is gone so much that I can go for weeks at a time without it when he’s gone, but I have to make up for lost time when he is home. I asked Jess, “Not to pry… and I feel weird for asking this… but do you ever… take care of your own business?” Jess laughed and said, “You mean do I mastur/bate? Yes, I do. Both with and without my battery operated friend!” We both had a good laugh at that.

I told Jess that sometimes what I missed most was the cuddling and being held. She agreed and then she said “Hey, this may sound weird, but would you like to cuddle with me now? I mean, nothing weird or anything…” I said, “Mmm… that sounds really nice actually.” So we went to my oversized cushy lounge chair and we cuddled. It was fun. We just laid there, talked, cuddled, nuzzled, and occasionally rubbed each other’s hair. When we would leave, we always gave each other a big hug and a quick kiss.

And that is how our “Cuddle Days” started. We went from coffee to cuddling. Usually one of us would just call the other and say, “Is it cuddle time?” and we would meet at my house or hers. More and more often, we talk about sex. What we liked, what our husbands liked, past experiences. We are definitely a couple of kindred spirits. I noticed that after a while, our goodbye hugs were getting a little longer. When I would kiss Jess goodbye, sometimes she gave me 3 or 4 quick little kisses.

Our cuddle time took a turn one day, when Jess said, “How would you like to come over and take a bath with me? It would be fun!” I got really excited. I went to her house where they have a big Jacuzzi soaker tub. Jess got a few candles lit, put in some bubble bath, and then we soaked together, holding each other. Later we washed each other’s hair, and washed each other’s bodies. It was very loving and sensual but it wasn’t sexual.

Then one day, it happened…

We were cuddling on the big chair, and Jess looked extra hot. Her hair smelled great, she smelled great, and I told her so. She was laying there with her eyes closed and I suddenly wanted to touch her. So I started rubbing her belly, slowly and softly. Just feeling her warm, soft skin. Then I started creeping up under her fleece top to her chest. My heart was nearly pounding out of my chest and I could feel myself starting to get really wet. I slowly moved up, praying to God that Jess wouldn’t be weirded out. Finally, I cupped her breast with my hand and felt her hard, perky nipple. She let out a little moan and pulled her arms over her head. That was a great sign!

I started rubbing both of her breats and playing with her nipples. She kept letting out the cutest, sexiest, softest little moans and saying “ohh… god… mmm.” I knew I was doing something right. I pulled up her fleece top and pulled it over her head and off. Then I pulled my top off too, so we were sitting there, topless, eye to eye, both softly moaning, hearts pounding… Jess grabbed my head and kissed me. Softly, deeply, she kissed and slowly let her tongue search for mine. Her lips were so soft and warm and our kissing was wonderful. I pulled her in, so I could kiss her back, and our breasts touched together sending waves of warmth through me. I started kissing her neck, licking it, kissing it, nibbling her ears, and she was loving it. I reached down for her breasts and stroked her nipples.

To my pleasant surprise, her nipples were large, just the way I love them. I reached down and took her big nipple in my mouth. She just moaned “Ohh… ohhh… yes” and I started licking and sucking on her. I went from breast to breast, pleasing her, taking my time. Then I alternated between kissing her and sucking on her breasts. Eventually I slipped my hand down her pants and began to finger her. She kept moaning and writhing from the pleasure. As I fingered her, she put her mouth down to my breasts and began to suck on them. It felt so good… so unbelievably good. I fingered Jess until she had a huge ****** and screamed so loud I was afraid the other neighbors might here.

She said, “Oh my god that was incredible. Have you ever been with a woman before?” I told her, “Yes, in fact I’m bisexual. Have you?” She said she had made out with a couple of girls in college but it had been a while. But she said it was nothing like this. And she had never gone farther than kissing.

I asked Jess if she would kiss me while I mastur/bated. She said, “You don’t even need to ask, babe” and we went at it again. For some reason it was so hot for me to mastur/bate myself while kissing her. It wasn’t long though, before Jess was fingering me instead. That day we must have laid there for two hours, kissing, sucking, fingering… it was bliss.

The next week, she invited me over for cuddle time. She met me at the door in her bathrobe and led me up to her bedroom. She dropped her robe and stood there naked and said, “I just took a bath so I want you to make sure I’m clean from head to toe…” We immediately started kissing, and then I pushed her on to the bed and started licking her breasts. I kissed down her stomach and said, “Babe, spread your legs for me, PLEASE!” She giggled and said, “If you insist…” I started licking her beautiful puss/y. She tasted wonderful! She wasn’t shaved like I am, but she had the cutest little trimmed triangle of puss/y hair. As soon as I started licking her, she was writhing on the bed like a shock victim. Eventually I was sucking her **** and inserting my fingers into her, fingering her while licking and sucking. Her puss/y was getting very wet. With my other hand, I put my thumb on her *** and pushed, not too hard, but just to give her *** a little pressure. It wasn’t long after that when she had a seriously intense and very loud ******.

Then Jess said, “I want to return the favor, but I’ve… well… I’ve never gone down on a woman before.” I asked her if she was scared and I said she didn’t have to. She said, “No I want to… I’m nervous because I don’t know what I’m doing.” I said, “Oh babe… don’t worry. If you want to try, I will help you.” So I scooted up on the bed, opened my legs wide, and said, “Just do what you would like, what feels natural.” Jess started licking and it was fun. I was so wet by then. At one point she looked up at me, with my puss/y juice on her lips and said, “Is it okay?” I said, “It’s more than okay!” I pulled her up and gave her a deep kiss, tasting myself on her. She went back down and kept going and it was good. The combination of her licking and knowing that she was tasting a puss/y for the first time put me over the edge and I came so freaking hard. It was awesome. When we were done, I told her that she has nothing to worry about and she felt really good about that. We kissed some more, eventually fell asleep in each other’s arms, and later had a repeat performance.

Jess and I still have coffee and “Cuddle Time” together about twice a week. We don’t always have sex. Sometimes it is just coffee, most times it’s cuddling too, sometimes we take baths together, or just make out, or just cuddle with each other topless, playing with our breasts. And yes, sometimes we still have great sex together. Our husbands still don’t know and I hope it stays this way.

I love our special girl time together way too much!!!
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When I was married my wife was bi and had a younger friend she "played" with. She would tell me about it and it seem to make our love making hotter! But on my 40th b day as a gift from my wife,I got to watch them !!!!

Awesome, thanks for sharing!

Very sexy story!

Great story, thanks for sharing

wow that is so hot.

This is just the MOST beautiful experience! Thanks for sharing... :>)

Perfect ;)

My fingers are very busy & my ***** is very wet!!! Great story :-)

That is awesome, good for you i keep telling my wide she's needs a friend like you but she keeps telling me no, and she has had girl girl experiences in the past and loved them, maybe she feels weird having my permission, but damn i love the idea of it, just so she can have some girl time. Thank you for another great story.

like story

I've always said that girls are more comfortable with each other than us guys...although guys mostly don't like the 'cuddle' stuff anyway...when our c*cks aren't invloved we sort of 'turn out' (or so I'm told)...<br />
<br />
It's great to see you've found such a good friend...I always wanted to be a fly on the wall and experience what women have together when the become 'friends.' Not always (as you say in your story) sex and/or sexual, but comfort, etc. <br />
<br />
Girls always take baths and sit and talk (go the the rest room together) hug, kiss and do things that sounds like what you describe and I think it's wonderful...<br />
<br />
You should incorporate nude time with your coffee as well and shaving each others legs and/or your privates would be fun too...besides who likes "hair pie?"<br />
<br />
Sounds like you've got a great friend and are haveing a lot of fun...enjoy!

Everyone should have neighbors like this.

Fabulous sweetie<br />
Hugs<br />

What an incredibly sexy and sensual story!

that is just DARLING of you both.Well earned.hope the boys never find out,or if they do,hope they let live!

Lovely story!

what a beautiful and intimate relationship you have with your friend, thank you for sharing

You express yourself very well, I enjoyed your story very much.<br />
<br />
I agree with Jon - I think your relationship should not be shared with either hubby, feelings might get hurt and things between you would change.

You express yourself very well, I enjoyed your story very much.<br />
<br />
I agree with Jon - I think your relationship should not be shared with either hubby, feelings might get hurt and things between you would change.

Loved your hot story... thanks

Great story. Very sexy, but romantic and sweet at the same time. I'm glad you and your neighbor found a mutually satisfactory way to satisfy your urges. I hope your husbands never find out. I know if my girl was doing those things with the neighbors, I would want the neighbor to do those things with me, and that would lead to all kinds of drama! Thanks for the great story. Good luck with everything!

What a beautiful relationship that sounds like. I so relate to how good it must have felt to be ************ while kissing her. In many ways, sex between women is like an extension of ************ itself which is very different than sex with a man. I also love that you can just cuddle, that's how it all started for me. Great story!