Sex With A Neighbor

I very much enjoy my wife being a naughty ****. Lucky for me she loves being one!! She is a very sexy woman. She is very tiny. With DD boobs. She is by far the hottest wife In the neighborhood. I have always picked and joked with her about the other neighbors. But she always insisted she 
would never do anything with any of them. 
We usually garher on the weekends with our neighbors cookout play horse shoes and so on. And one particular 
Afternoon she shocked me and told me she did know why but she wanted to do Tim. He is a neighbor that was always hot for her and actually said plenty of times he would love to get with her. Which she always said hell no.

One night we had gone out for dinner and drinks. She felt great as she had been sipping on wine the whole time. When we got home we sat on the back porch sipping beer and listening to music. Laughing and having a good time. 
I look over and said oh boy, big talker here comes  Tim. And laughed.  She was looking very fine as usual. In a short mini skirt and no panties (she knows it's my weekness). Her breast looking just as fine in a v neck shirt. We sat and laughed and carried on. Tim is a comical guy as am I. Which is a good thing. Laughter is  like a aphrodisiac for my wife. 

I was very curious as how this night was gonna go. As she was smiling and looking at him like she looks at me when she is on the prowl!! 
I figured it was time to up the courage. So I went and grabbed the Jim Beam Black. We started taking shots and carrying on when Missy asked where is your wife Tim? He said at a friends why do you wanna **** me??
Without hesitation she she said that's exactly what I wanna do.  Tim and I about fell out of our chairs. I could feel my **** swell with blood. At that time she opened her legs to show him she was panty less  I threw down another shot and excused myself down the porch and took a leak. To my surprise as I walked back up the porch she was standing by his chair.  My **** again sprang as saw she had her hands up his shorts squeezing his **** and his hand under her skirt lightly stroking her ****. I sat back down while giving her a swift smack on the ***. Tim asked well do y'all wanna walk over to my house and ****? Me still in shock of all this said, are y'all really Sirius? Missy said oh yeah. 
We all got up started across the yard and low and behold his wife pulls I'm the driveway. Wow! How bad would that be. Being mid stroke and her walking in! 
We returned to the house and stated skimming. We had kids in the house and figured we would sneak him in the window. I told missy to put in something hot. And went out to set up a barstool for him to get in. When I got back to the room she had on a wide net dress with netting about 2 inch wide gapes. Wow was I excited to see the look on Tim's face to this vision of a sex pot! He came in and his face dropped.  She told him to come sit down on the love seat in the corner of our room. I ran back outside to remove the stool from the window. As I walked back in I was once again taking aback. She was already bent over sucking his **** and he was already naked. Wow that was quick I said missy looked up smiled and motioned for me to come over to sit down beside her. I pulled off my clothes and sat beside her. 
She grabbed my **** and worked it and turned and kissed Tim. This was another surprise as she usually doesn't kiss the other man involved. 
At this point she bent back down to her knees and started sucking his **** again while ******* me. Then back and fourth. I don't know who was shocked as much me out Tim still!
 Once I was at maximum hard on  she turned her *** back in the love seat and started sucking him so I could have easy access to her *****. 
The feeling of how wet her ***** was when I entered her was almost enough to make me ***. Thanks Jim beam u saved me!! As I ****** her I made sure I trusted her forwards to propel her mouth onto his ****. This sat a precedence that would go the next hour. Tim and I switched places. As she took my **** in her mouth she looked me in the eyes with a devilish grin. Each time she would stroke back I made sure I pushed her shoulders back to ensure her ***** slammed against his hips with each  stroke. 
I was sure glad I had the stereo on nice and loud!! As her moans where a aphrodisiac to my ears and ****. 

I picked her up to  trow her on the bed. From there it was on me and Tim found a common rhythm. When he was ******* her and she was blowing me while on all fours we would **** her from each end slamming her in the middle. All the while me reaching under to flick her **** while she was getting the ********* of her life  Her moans cried out as if she was a wolf on the hill. This went on for a good twenty minutes as we flipped her around and around each ******* each end over and over. The last time she flipped her ***** to me I reached to run my fingers in and was surprised  he was still going. I could feel that he had *** all up in her. I couldn't resist but to slam my **** in there. I love the feeling of a warm thick cream pie in her *****. I ****** her as hard and long as I could short of letting myself ***. When I could take no more I stopped and went to the bathroom. 
As I turned around and. And back to the bed I could see they were wasting no time. He was on his back and she had mounted him looking down with her evil smile riding that ****. 
I hesitated for a moment to watch her beautiful body ride him. All the while knowing he was in heaven. It must of felt like a dream to him. Cause I knew how bad he had wanting her. And thinking this would never happen. 
As my raging watching hard on could take no more I climbed up on the bed and bent her over placing one knee between his legs and one leg up like captain Morgan lol. I was able to slide my **** in right on top of his. 
We started ******* her at heh same time both in her *****. Now this was something missy and I have tried many times. It very hard to pull off. But Tim and I did!! We ****** her not in unison but against each other. What a incredible feeling. Her ***** was tight but wet a slippery from Tim's *** he had laid earlier. It was total extasy for missy as we stretched her ***** working both those ***** in her at the same time.  I reached up and grabbed her shoulder with one hand and hip with the other. And really started sieving my **** in her nice and hard. All the while Tim was bucking his hips from the bottom. Giving her moans like I hadn't heard before. ******* her so hard that her head was rocking as if she was at a rock concert. Out of nowhere I felt Tim filling her ***** with yet another load the feeling was hot silky and slippery and awesome. I gave her just a few more stokes just trying not to bust my load(I like to have her to myself for my load). Tim got up and said omg wow. We smiled and said I know right. Chuckling I said you are gonna wake up with a mess this has just been a dream. He laughed saying I know right. 
I helped him back out the window. And returned to our bed. Missy laid there worn out. I smiled at her and said oh no we are not done. I licked and sucked on her nipples one after another before sliding down and starting to lick her *****. I could taste Tim coming out of her. So.... I spread her red ***** apart and stuck my tongue in  while giving her a suck while pulling my tongue out. This gave me a tongue full of ***. I slid right up surprising her as she thought she was getting a kiss. But I pushed the *** right into her mouth. 
I slid back down and licked and sucked her **** until she shuttered  with  a hard ******. 
This is what I was waiting for. I slid up and pumped with all my might as a came within seconds. It was all my mind and **** could take. I had gone the night with all that excitement and manger not to ***. So it was a surge of *** that shot out of me in bliss of pleasure. 

This is a true story. And still a shock. My wife says its the best 3 way we ever did. The funny thing is we woke up the next morning and realized we sleeping at a slant. The bed was broken!!!
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very hot. your wife is awesome

That's awesome, sexy and naughty. I love it please add me is love to see your dirty girl!

Wow Tim was a very lucky man to get to take your wife.

Would love a chance to come and help you break another bed.

Fantastic story and what a great night !!!!!!

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wow, hot story, your wife sounds amazing....wish I was Tim ;)

wish i was your wife!!!!!

What crazy fun with the neighbor! Very hot!


What a hot adventure!! I would love to help you re-create it! I live nearby. Please add me.

Damn i wish we where neighbours

I agree with the rest of the comments, what a great and erotic story. From sharing to snowballing, you are one lucky guy, thanks for sharing.

Wow indeed! This story is super hot beyond belief. I honestly got off reading it, wishing I could have joined in.

Hot story

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