Car Wash Then *** Wash

As some of you know I had sex with my neighbor "Joe". It was long after that he and I knew we were now fu** buddies. Him being older than me, I introduced him to new positions while he handled me strong and what to do. Days after our first encounter I was craving some bang time so I washed my car in tight shorts and a white tank no bra. I finished washing my car knowing he was home so before I went inside I sprayed myself Down just enough so he could see my **** barely. Keep in mind others live at the apartment and I've seen some few wandering male eyes who I wouldn't mind giving me a spank. Well anyways I knew I had Joe in the sex bag so I walked over to his house and asked some question about a car problem while covering my nipples them moving my hands down so he could see I was braless. He just laughed and he rubbed himself without being too noticeable and i looked around if anyone was visible and because no one was, I ran into the house slammed the door behind me and started making out with him. Next thing u knew, he was slapping me with his shaved d*** while I was tugging on my nipples. He loved how I was still wet from the water outside but he was filling me up with cream. I rode him up and down and let me do whatever he wanted including putting 4 fingers inside me. I moaned so loud and all I could do was scream for more and pulled my nipples. He was moaning while I rode him on the couch and then I would spread my legs so far apart stand up on the couch and squat so my wet pu*** was slowly drag over his body from his chest over his beer belly and down on top of his member. I would spread my *** apart while he stuck his finger in my behind. Finally I came all over him while he sprayed my face with himself. I showered at his place while he watched and left to my apartment horny as hell.
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20 Responses May 6, 2012

Wow!!! I'm moving soon. Hope I get a hot naughty lil neighbor like you! Story has me rock hard. Joe is a lucky neighbor.

Why can't I have a neighbor like that!

oh so sweet ! :-)


Love your stories. So hot!

Yum! !

What a happy neighbor I bet he was!

I wish I was Joe

That's a very nice and detailed description and you got me rock hard. Your neighbor Joe is a very lucky guy.


<<< has an empty house next door to me ?? are you looking for a nice house ?

Love it so hot!!!

very nicely sexy

Very hot. Add please?

i need to move to your neighbourhood

I am sure he enjoyed your sweet juices on him

Mmmmm delicious, lucky neighbor!

Yes he enjoyed playing with my young *****

And I'm sure you enjoyed it too!

wish i was your neighbor. I like playing with a womens a** hole.<br />
do you have any sexy pics?

Joe is my only sex of now

he is one lucky sexy neighbor to have you as a neighbor

That joe is a lucky man having a women like your self. So did any of those wandering eyes deside to give you a a spank or a ride