I first saw Jonny when he was moving in, I had just been to the shop and saw him in the hallway between our apartments. I couldn't help notice his athletic physique as he moved boxes into his apartment, when he saw me he put down the boxes he was carrying and came over to introduce himself. We chatted for a bit, he was new to the area and had a few questions he wanted answering, I let him know that if there was anything he wanted to just ask me. The next day I walked by and his door was open, I could see him painting, topless. All I could do was stare, he was lost in his own world listening to music, he turned around just as started to walk away, I swear he saw me watching. Later that evening there was a knock at the door, it was Jonny, he asked whether he could come in a bit as the paint fumes were getting to him, and he felt like he hadn't had the chance to speak to me properly since he'd moved in. I asked whether he wanted something to eat as I was just about to cook myself something. I cooked for us as we chatted away, it was so easy to talk to him, sipping wine as we went. After we'd finished we moved to the sofa, the t.v. was on but neither of us were really watching it. The sexual tension between us was obvious but both of us chose to ignore it. Jonny said that he best get going as it was getting late, I walked him to the door, he hugged me before he left, his warm hand on the bottom of my back, wishing he'd run in that little bit lower. Jonny was back round the next morning inviting me round to his for dinner for later on in the week, I gladly accepted. I took my time getting dressed, shaving my legs and ***** hoping I'd get lucky, wearing my nicest black lace underwear I had to go under my tight black dress. When I crossed the hall to his I was relieved to see he'd made just as much effort with his appearance as I had. Again the conversation ran smoothly, except both of us were flirting heavily. He could keep his eyes off me, he eyes flickering every few seconds to my lips when I spoke. I ran my foot up and down his leg, trying not to smile as I did so. The alcohol we'd been drinking all evening was giving me more and more confidence. Jonny got up to clear away the plates, I stopped him, sitting on his lap, kissing him gently on his lips, his hands moved up my back pulling me close into his body. He told me how beautiful I was and how he had been wanting this to happen since he first saw me. He took my hand leading me to his bedroom, we stood kissing getting more urgent, his hands running their way up my legs, I lifted his top over his broad shoulders, kissing is strong arms that had begun to unzip my dress, it fell to the floor leaving me in just my underwear, Jonny stopped what he was doing simply staring, the silence broken by my laughter, we began to kiss again, I undid his trousers, running my hand over his *** pulling him closer, I could feel his hard **** waiting to be released, I slipped his boxers off, getting down on my knees I licked his ****, he released the clasp of my bra, so he could play with my breasts as I sucked his **** taking in more each time, he asked me stop so that he didn't come yet. He lay me on the bed, sliding my panties off, kissing my neck moving down to my breasts, our hands were all over each other, he moved above me, his **** against my *****, I pleaded with him to enter me. Jonny took his time, driving me crazy, I couldn't wait much longer, I needed release. We picked up the pace, I felt him stiffen as he came, feeling his come fill my *****, my moans were loud when I orgasmed, it felt like it lasted forever. When I thought things couldn't get any better I felt him between my legs, his hands gently pulling them apart as he delved his tongue inside tasting our combined juices, playing with my **** to increase the already unbelievable pleasure I was feeling, I came again. I was spent, I fell asleep in his arms. When I woke in the morning I was craving more, I began to kiss him as his eyes flickered, a grin on his face. He said he wanted a quick shower and that maybe I should join him. Jonny worked the soap over my body, kissing me passionately, I ran my hands over his **** loving how big it felt, we got out the shower and roughly dried ourselves, before I deep throated Jonny this time I told him to come, he just kept coming and coming, some escaped my mouth, I tried to lick it all up it tasted so good. We kissed and cuddled until Jonny was hard, he entered me from behind, massaging my breasts, we both came before we both collapsed on the bed.
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Great story.