Pool Fun With My Neighbor.

I used to live in a huge apartment complex that was like a small city. In the center of everything was a clubhouse that had an indoor/outdoor pool, fitness center, yoga studio and game room. I spent lots of time at the pool and got to know a lot of the regulars on property. One of the regulars was a woman named Barb. Barb was a very attractive Guatemalan woman with short dark hair, brown eyes, very nice body with perfect 36C’s. Barb was very friendly, always called me honey and always made small talk with me at the pool. One day I was in the pool as was Barb. She had one of those diving masks in her hand and I asked if I could use it. She gave it to me; I put it on and just bobbed up and down in the water to get the goggles wet so I could see out of them. Once they were cleared I just kind of sunk into the water like an alligator with my head half out and half in. Barb was standing about 3 feet in front of me and watching me. All of a sudden Barb quickly pulls the bottom of her pink bikini aside and then covers it up. I raise my head up out of the water and she’s looking at me laughing. I go down again and she does it again, pulling her bottom to the side showing me her ****. I rise up out of the water and take the mask of and rub my eyes like I can’t believe what I just saw. I then reached down to adjust my growing bulge. Barb saw me adjust and said, “Really?” “Really!” She turns her back toward me and slowly walked backwards until she bumped up against me. “Oh my!” She reached behind her back and gave me a nice squeeze. Barb was there with her family and we really couldn’t continue anything, but we made plans for the next day. Barb met me at the pool the next day. This time she came alone and we hung out sunning ourselves in the lounge chairs. After about 30 minutes she says she is hungry. I was starting to get a little hungry so I offered to go to my place and make us some lunch. She thought that was a great idea.
When Barb and I got to my apartment she dropped her towel and was walking around my apartment in her little pink bikini. Her dark, olive skin was shiny and smelled like tanning oil. I poured some vodka lemonade for us and handed her one. Barb raised the glass to her lips and the sweat from the glass dripped onto her skin and beaded up from the tanning oil. I was staring at the bead of water roll down her dark skin into her cleavage. Her nipples were hard and showing through her bikini top. Barb looked at me and then followed my eyes back to her body and saw that I was checking her out. Barb didn’t say a word, but leaned over and started kissing me. Our mouths opened and the kissing quickly turned passionate. Within seconds Barb was breathing heavy and her hands were grabbing at my swimsuit. Her mouth left my lips and started kissing my neck, chest and worked her way down to my very hard ****. Barb tongued my **** around the head and down the shaft to my balls. Her tongue was working my balls as her hand wrapped around my shaft. She looked into my eyes and told me she thought about sucking my **** non-stop ever since she grabbed it the day before. Barb worshiped my **** for some time before I lay down on the bed and flipped her around into a 69 on top of me. I pulled her bikini to the side and feasted on her pretty, pink *****. We laid there in a passionate 69 for quite a while until she lifted up off me and told me she was too sensitive from ******* so much. I undid the tie to Barb’s bikini top and there were two perfect breasts with chocolate brown pierced nipples staring at me. I sucked and licked them for some time until Barb started to rub her *****. I asked her if she wanted this inside her. She quickly flipped over onto all fours and put her butt up in the air. I wasted no time and plowed into her in one stroke. Barb screamed out, “Oh my god!” and started to shake all over. I grabbed Barb by the hips and slowly started moving in and out of her. She was very vocal and was shaking non-stop. I picked up my pace and really started to lay into her with more and more force. All of a sudden she starts to squirt and every time I plow into her it squirts out more and more liquid. I pull out and it just gushes out of her. She falls to her stomach on my bed and is out of breath. That was the first time she had ever squirted and was also the first time I made a woman squirt. Barb looked back at me and said, “You haven’t *** yet, I want you to ***.” I entered her from behind again and this time I went very slowly. I pushed all the way into her and then slowly backed out until I was out of her and then back in slowly until I was bottomed out again. This went on for several minutes until I felt myself starting to swell and twitch. I told Barb I was getting ready to ***. She told me to fill her up, but I pulled out and shot all over her back and butt.
Barb and I kissed and agreed that we would do that again. We did! A lot!
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Nope. Its been a couple of years. Think I will text her....

Nice story man,so are you still seeing barb.