First Neighbor Sex And First Anal Sex

Years ago when I was in my early twenties I had a neighbor named Beth who lived in the apartment across from me. Beth had a jock boyfriend who was a swimmer at UCLA and traveled all the time for competitions. Beth and I were just friendly neighbors and never really flirted or anything. One evening however we were hanging out in Beth’s apartment drinking alcohol and smoking a little. Beth was pretty buzzed and started to flirt with me. She point blank asked me if I would sleep with her. I thought she was messing with me and I got a little upset with her. She assured me she was not playing with my emotions, but just wanted some sex. As a matter of fact she came out and asked me if I would like to “**** me up the ***”. I had never done that before, but it was my number one fantasy at the time. Anyway, Beth took me by the hand to her bedroom and told me to get comfortable. She went to the bathroom and came out in panties only. I spent a long time eating her out and fingering her. She soon rolled over onto her stomach and asked me to eat her butt out. She reached back and spread her cheeks open and I proceeded to munch her butt like it was my last meal. Beth was moaning and really getting into it. She got up and pulled a condom out of her nightstand and told me to go easy. That was my first anal sex experience and first time having sex with a neighbor.
A week later Beth told me that her boyfriend had asked her about the missing condom. We only hooked up one other time a few months later.
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2 Responses May 15, 2012

She married her BF and I havent seen her in years.

Now that is a way to have a neighbor. So are you still hocking up with beth or was the one other time the last time. Maybe you should hook up with her again