Affair With My Young Neighbor Girl

A mother and her sexy 18 year old brunette daughter live next door to my apartment that I share with my 30 year old girlfriend. The teen and I have talked multiple times in the past, but lately she had been more flirtatious after we made a joke about how she's legal now.

Then the other day I was wearing sweat pants on my porch when she walked up and said "you know you really have an obviously big ****". Well of course that made my **** grow even more. We exchanged a few more flirtatious comments before she mentioned how lonely she was and that her mom was gone if I wanted to hang out.

It didn't take long for her start touching me after we sat down on her sofa. As our tongues wrestled, I slowly pulled her shorts off and began to eat her *****. After her young juices flooded my mouth, I pulled my raging **** out and fed it to her mouth for a few minutes. Then I pulled her up for a tongue kiss before laying her on her back and positioning my penis head at the entrance to her hairless *****. We ****** for 30 minutes before I shot my *** deep inside of her. 15 minutes later, we had sex again and I came inside of her again.

Now we **** regularly and lately she has been knocking on my door in the morning after my girlfriend leaves for work. Her ***** and mouth are so wet, she smells so good. She is so cute and needs a strong hairy chested man to fill her up; I'm so lucky I get to be that guy.
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That is nice you are getting that sweet sexy daughter,and you are still having sex with your girl friend. So have you ever thought of asking the daughter if she wants to get her mother in to your twosome. Maybe work on getting the daughter,mother and your gf into a foursome with you.

lucky guy, could you post a picture of her?