Young Neighbor Admirer

Some time ago, I noted that the neighbor boy was spending a lot of time at our house. He seemed to be attracted to my wife and I thought it was rather cute. One day I mentioned to my wife that the neighbor boy was feeling his hormones and was sure acting like he wanted to breed her. She blew it off initially then later she mentioned that she thought I was right as she started noticing he was getting aroused around her,,,a bulge in his pants,,she said. Believe it or not, I started enjoying the thought of my wife and this kid getting it on. One night while we were having sex, I asked my wife if she would enjoy letting him have some of her honey pot. She seemed shocked at first then replied that she would if I was OK with it. I assured her I thought it would be nice for the young stud to get a good mature wife to shoot his load in.
I mentioned to the young man that I knew how it was when my puberty started and how horny I got and how I wanted to have sex so bad. He agreed that he did. I mentioned that I had seen how he was drooling over my wife and it was OK with me. I told him that my wife wanted to take care of him if he wanted it. He looked at me and said, "WOW, could I?"
I said, "Of course you can. She is really hot for you. Come over early Saturday morning and she will be waiting in bed for you. She will like that a lot. You just do what is natural. She will help you.
Saturday morning, he came over and I told him to undress and get into bed with my wife. My wife just had a shortie on and when he got into bed she took him into her arms and I left leaving a crack in the door. I watched as she pulled her gown up and pulled him over her and he shoved his tool into my wife. He gave about 10 shrokes and then mumbled, "Oh damn, im ******* Momma, oh its good, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh". My wife pulled him tight and said,,"you are my young stud now. You just bred me!"
Of course this started sex with him and my wife for a year until we moved away to another city.
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Lucky guy! How old was he?

nice, lucky guy he was!!

Thanks for sharing!!