The Slutty Neighbor

I had just got home from work, which I had sex with one of our clients (different story). I had just wrote the sexcapade about my lunch hour when the neighbor called asking if I could help her with moving a few things. Her husband was out of town I guess till tomorrow. I moved a few boxes and was covered in sweat, since it was 100+ with the heat factor.

Now my neighbor is a huge ****. I have seen her screwing numerous men when her husband is away so I decided it was my turn. She was suppose to go out on a date so she had jumped in the tub to get ready while I was moving boxes around. As I walked past the bathroom, I noticed the door was cracked open and she was washing up her tis. I figured that it was my chance.

I quickly ******** down, stepped into the bathroom, and asked if I could join her. I was not covering up at all and was fully erect and she was not even making any attempt to cover up either...except for a few bubbles. She reminded me that she was married to which I told her I knew of her extramarital affairs. She suddenly looked at me a bit worried so I told her that I had no intentions of ever telling her husband. She then began to smile. She then stood up and said that we should retire to the bedroom.

When we got into the bedroom she sat me on the bed and stepped back in the door frame and started to rub her body dry. I just started stroking. She then started walking very sexy like towards the bed, stopped, crossed her arms under her ****, and asked if I liked. I grabbed my phone and said let me get a photo for personal use. She just stood there and let me take it. She then stepped by by the door frame and then got down on her knees. She then told me to come over to her. I stepped over to her and she slid my **** between her ****. I immediately took another pic.

She then stopped and wrapped her mouth around my ****. I started to take another picture and her hand came up and grabbed my phone. She looked up at me and said no more pictures, just relax and let me suck and **** you. She then pushed me back and threw me back on the bed and began sucking again. Just as I was about to *** she stopped and jumped up on my lap and slid me in to her. After a couple hops from her I blew my load and she just kept on going.

Her cell phone had rand many times while we were rolling around but she ignored it every time. The thing that brought our night to a quick end was the headlights shining in the windows and the sound of the garage doors opening. At the time this happened, she was bust sucking my **** again. I popped out of her mouth at the same moment I was *******...all over her **** and floor...and my feet. She quickly headed in to take a shower and I grabbed up my clothes and rushed out the back door.

I got home and showered up. When I got out, I noticed a text from her. It said thank you and talk soon. So I transferred the photos from my phone and blurred them before I got online to tell everyone about it. Now I hope to do that again but without the quick escape!

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nice..keep the pics next time