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My Neighbor, Her Sister And Her Daughter

I am a truck driver here in the states and my next door neighbor I was talking to on the phone one night and found out her old man was in jail. Well we both have needs and made arrangments to meet for dinner and go to a motel and satisfy our mutual needs and we did just that. Her old man got out of jail shortly after that and her daughter moved to town, so she introduced us. We dated for about 5 months or so. Then 6 months or so later when the mother and her old man broke up we got together a couple more times and helped each other out. A number of years prior all of this the mothers sister and her husband along with my wife and myself had played truth or dare at our house several times, we never had sex with the other couple but fondled each other and me and the guy would suck a little **** and stroke each other which really turned on the wives (and us, really hard to hide that fact). So in total I've had sex with my next door neighbor and her daughter, fondled her sister and her husband, and blew him too. Good times, I haven't seen any of them in 8-10 years but the memories were worth remembering
IsabellaInside IsabellaInside 36-40, M 3 Responses Oct 21, 2012

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Stroke of luck to have them for neighbors.

That was 20 years ago, I'd have stuck my **** in a coconut, as I get older I realize I'm lucky it wasn't today. At least the bad stuff wasn't near as rampant back then, and we took no safety measures at all. It was fun and I had the memory but it wasn't the best decision I e et made

Talk about friendly neighbors, wow

Oh yea it was a wild time in my life, and fun but it's just a distant memory now

But did you ever get your neighbor and her daughter at once( *********)

No but did make out with sisters together once. Would've been nice but still have goode memories :-)

Post the story about the sisters.Where they twins. At least you have the memories about those ladies. Maybe you should look them up like high school reunion maybe

Don't know what there is to post, I just took a chance I wouldn't get slapped and as I put my hand around them both reached down both their shorts at the same time and they let me play for a while, that's as far as that went. No they were not twins, about 4 years apart. High school reunion would do no good, we didn't go to school together (300 miles apart) and didn't meet till we were adults. An interesting side note the mother and daughter were hermaphrodites, that was awesome :-)

Hermaphrodites should be worth a story, given how rare they are.

Maybe one day, I'm really busy at the current time and don't really have time time do so st the monute

They dont live :30 from me and I saw one of the sisters in a bar about 6 months ago and said hi but I am now happily married and am faithful to my wife so I wouldn't go there anyway

Each to their own man. Good for you that you are sticking with your wife. The memories are good. The mother and daughter where hermaphrodites that just sounds creepy .My view on that. Always good to have female friends like the sisters. Maybe even friends with benefits.

I can understand that, but being bi-sexual it was great for me. And an experience for the archives. I don't cheat and won't need benefits from others but there were days I was glad to have them. It's been 8 years ago roughly and it was fun but so were drugs, life is much better now for me, not looking for a quick lay or fix. I'm happier than I've ever been

Good for you man


At least you have the memories of those wild days

Oh yea, some things are better in the past also, and that is one of them

But always good to make new memories.

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