Years Later I Found Out She Was Lesbian

I wanted to share this story but couldn't find any category to put it in so I picked this one despite the fact I did NOT have sex with my neighbor.

Where I lived and being in my young teens in 1972 I never knew what a lesbian was or even heard the word but we had a next door neighbor who was a single Mom with a young son.. My Dad loved sitting outside on the porch in the evening and I would go outside and sit next to him.

Every now and then a woman would knock on our neighbor's door and then go in. We would see the same woman 2-3 times a week and different weeks we would see a different woman. I once looked at my Dad and was going to ask but looking at my Dad's face, he knew what was going on but just didn't say anything.

My curiosity really piqued when I was leaving to go to school one morning and the lady we saw the night before was leaving the apartment so I know she slept over. You have to remember this was 1972 and the words gay, lesbian, homosexuals just was not brought up but of course as I grew older and the Gays and Lesbians were more accepted then I knew. All those years ago we had a lesbian as a neighbor
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I didn't sleep with my neighbor....but she wanted to sleep with me...She was this bigger mexican woman....I would have to be really really really drunk to the point of passing out to even consider it....and I probably would have said no.

I told her I was looking for friends...I had just moved into the she invited me to a night club. I went where she started drinking and I drank cokes because I was somewhat afraid of the reasons she invited me. Anyway about 10 o clock I went back home because I had work the next day....she called me about 10:30 asking me to come over...maybe she was drunk...I told her i had to go to sleep and wasn't interested.

OMG! Wait till I tell the women who live across the street from me. I am sure they will be shocked!.