Hot Tub Fun

This last fall we had seen neighbors behind us getting new hot tub. Since we live out in remote area it is pretty much clothing optional all the time. They pulled in driveway and came around back to ask us questions about tub set up. See we were in the tub they stayed back a bit. We answered questions and they smiled and left the next evening we stop by and they showed the tub drink a few drinks they sled if we wanted to get in. Sure why not all undressed and got in. Shortly after I felt a hand on me. Noticing wife was sitting closr to neighbor and eyes half closed. I figured he was fingering her so, I started with his wife then set her on side of tub and began licking her. Before long he was slamming it to wife and me his. After finishing I traded places with him. We stay out there until almost day light then kissed and went home. Ready for the next time.
casscobikers casscobikers
1 Response Jan 12, 2013

Sweet have more hot tub sex with the neighbors. Maybe get the neighbors wife into a ********* with you and your wife