****** My Neighbor In The Pool

A few years ago I was over at my neighbors house. The guy and I were pretty good friends, he was married, I was single at the time. They had a pool, nothing fancy, just a big bag filled with water actually. But it was warm outside, so it was nice to be able to cool off.

I went over there to drink a beer or two, but it soon got out of hand. Although it was dark, It was still nice and warm, so we were rather thirsty.
His wife kept bringing us beer and was drinking wine her self. The wine made her laugh a lot. First indication of a little too much...
She had raven black long hair, about 5'4, very full figured with huge ****. And the horney look in her eyes made her a BBW to turn your head for.

My friend suggested we would step in the pool to cool off. My comment was "OK, but since it's after dark, we can only go in naked". We all laughed, but I took off all my clothes and jumped in.
My friend said "oh, what the hell", took his clothes off too and jumped in.
Then we looked at his wife and asked her what the problem was.
She took a few seconds to come up with an excuse, but didn't seem to find one.
She ******** down to her thong and jumped in. I asked her why she kept her thong on and she said she wasn't comfortable baring it all.
Her husband then asked her what her thong was hiding with the little fabric it had. He also added that it the fabric was practically see-through anyway.

I was closes to her, and with enough beer to overcome shame, I reached over and started removing her thong from her ***. She looked me straight in the eyes, didn't say a word and let me remove the last peace of clothes between me and her *****. I made sure my hand touched every part I could reach. There wasn't a hint of hair to be found.

I showed my spoils proudly and we all laughed.

My friend wanted some more beer and asked his wife to get some.
She said: "do it yourself, I don't want the neighbors to see me".
I laughed: "I'm a neighbor, so that ship has sailed".
She responded: "You're more of a friend, that's different".
They argued for a while, but eventually, he gave in.

My friend got out of the pool and walked inside. She positioned herself on all fours, resting her head on the side of the pool, and asked him to bring her some more wine.
Her enormous and wonderful *** was directly in front of me. It turned my **** to stone in the blink of an eye.
As he was walking in the house, I slowly moved forward. I put my hands on her hips and wheeled myself in. She didn't even turn her head, but just backed up a little...
Before my friend was half way to the kitchen, I had the tip of my **** jammed up against her lips. She spread her legs a little more and asked her husband to put some ice cubes in her glass. The horny devil wanted to stretch time...
I added my two cents and said: "I don't want to be rude, but I'm kind of hungry too".
As we all laughed, I pushed forward.
Her lips parted and she took my **** straight in. I kept pushing forward until my stomach hit the cheeks of her ***.

Her husband was now in the kitchen, turned around and looked at us and complained about all the work he had to do for us.
We both laughed and while laughing she moved forward and I moved back, causing my rock hard **** to almost come out of her wet and warm ****. I gave him the thumbs up and slowly moved back in, while she pressed her *** back against my loins.

He was just far enough away to get away with real slow *******. The idea of me ******* his wife in his plain sight was so provoking that I didn't need the force and speed of the rabbit. I was ready to ***.

Although most of my blood was in my **** now, I thought that actually ******* would be a problem, being in the pool and all. If it were to leek out of her and float under his nose, it would be kind of obvious what went down.

That situation changed fast as he claimed that he needed to take a real long **** from all the beer he had been drinking. He almost ran out into the hall.

His wife acted immediately. She moved forward, causing my **** to leave her warm comfort, turned around, urged me to stand up and took my **** in her mouth. She almost took my balls in too. This drove me over the edge. I whispered: "****, I'm *******". She put both her hands on my ***, thrusted me forward, kept her lips wrapped around my **** and almost sucked me dry.
I felt my ***** rushing to the tip of my **** and couldn't give in to screaming.
After releasing the whole load, I pulled my **** from her mouth and I dropped to my knees too.

She looked me straight in the eyes and said: "Next time it's my turn". She had swallowed every drop I had given her. She then turned around, put her head back on the side and yelled: "what's taking you so long!". It looked like nothing had happened. Luckily it took him long enough for me to recuperate.

By the way: The next time was a few days later while she came over for coffee...
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nice neighbor lady. you still banging her?

very nice story

I love this story!

awesome... love it man...

Great story !! Guess he knew what was happening or let you both alone to let something happened. He might already know it and feels aroused just to remember it. Well, the best part is that it seems like it wont stop there !!!

How come I dont have neighbor like you?

Keep having sex with this neighbor. Tell us about when she came over for coffee

DAMN! great neighbor there.... I bet you don't have to worry about hi. Cause maybe this was also their scenario.... but anyway, still, better safe than sorry ya?

That's the kind of neighbor to have! Did he ever join in the fun?


Hot ! its great have such friendly neighbors, especially one that will suck your **** dry ! cheers !

Good story.