The Guy Across The Streat

Not sure how it happens, but one night I invited the guy who lives across the street for sex. He was extremely average in penis size, but he ****** exceptionally well. We probably ****** for a few hours, but he was one of those guys who sweated profusely. So sex was amazing, but I never really wanted to because of the sweat...
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8 Responses Mar 3, 2013

sex sweats awsummm ! lickkkkkk mmmmm especialy wen it drips down to nawty buts to lick up frum ^_^

sounds like you really got him hot and you were bothered by it....but got off anyway!

Wish I was your neighbor

Happy neighbor!

Made my night reading this!

Maybe you could have sex in the shower or in the pool. That could cut the sweat out.

So he was average so what size ***** do you like ?? Mine work I can control sweat !!

i dont sweat like a pig i glow and will merge with you in our love making!