The Girl Next Door

So I live in a nice apartment in Boston 14 stories up overlooking the harbor. I love my apartment and rarely see or hear my neighbors. Somehow about 6 weeks ago I was coming in and saw two girls struggling with a coffee table in the elevator so gentleman that I am I offer to help. Turns out the girl is my new next door neighbor. We talked for maybe 10 minutes and that was that. She is 22 which is 10 years younger than me, about 5'5" and very thin which I love, perky small boobs probably a B cup.
I somehow run into her the next 3 days. Keep in mind I haven't seen the people on the other side of me in over a year. We say hi but that's about it but I keep running into her, at the takeout place, the gym, the parking garage and even a bar I work at on weekends.
We end up having drinks one night and it was harmless and she said goodnight at the door. Two nights later she texts and asks if I want to go have a couple of drinks so I say what the hell. She says give me a half hour and I'll come get you. She knocks and when I open the door she is in a little black dress with a cut out on the side and huge heels, she looked unreal. I couldn't help but compliment her and she seemed excited. We went out and a couple drinks turned into a bunch, some flirting, some sexual conversation and then she wanted to dance. I agreed and we hit the floor and she seemed to just get lost in the moment. We danced and got pretty touchy and physical and she kissed me, we immediately looked at each other and just left. The 10 minute walk home couldn't have gone by fast enough and we walked through my door and began tearing each others close off. I picked her up and laid her on my bed with her legs hanging off the side. She only had on a pink lacy thong and heels. I kissed her nipples and stomach and dove between her legs. I pulled her thong down and kissed all around her perfectly shaved ***** without touching it. By the time my tongue gently touched her **** she was shaking. I ate her ***** until she was sopping wet and had *** once already and I climbed on top and slid my **** right into her. She felt so good and tight it was incredible. Being a bit drunk I ****** her in this position for a while and then she got on top and rode me. Her perky little **** felt and looked great above me. She then laid flat on her stomach and I ****** her from behind. Her *** is incredible and I am an *** guy so this did me in, I pulled out and shot my load all over her *** and back.
We took a little breather and ****** 3 more times that night. The last time she wrapped her legs around me when I was about to come and I shot right inside her, something I never do.
The next morning she said she had never had sex like that and I honestly haven't in years either. I didn't see her the next night as she had family over but she bought me a coffee the next morning as we leave at the same time and lets just say we were both late for work. I ****** her on my couch and again it was mind blowing.
We are supposed to go out with some of her friends tomorrow night. The problem is, although she is sexy, fun and the sex is incredible I feel like a total creep because of our ages. I feel like although I live in the gym and look better than any of my friends and most people my age I still look like the old guy if I am out with a bunch of 22 year olds. Maybe it's in my head but I feel like they will all wonder who the old tattooed juice head is. I feel like I have to go out with her friends or she will think I just want to ****. Not sure what to do here, are we doomed? Should I just walk away before either of us gets too attached or could it work?
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Mike are you ******** me or what ? Just 10 years difference weirding you out.? When I got my freedom from the ex I was about 40+ and the girls started ******* out of the wood work chasing me down-Not a one over 24-they love older guys because we know what to do - not like a 22 year old. They appreciate quality.

My biggest age difference was a girl who was moving to Florida in 3 months and was a virgin-she asked me to break her in. I was 58-almost 39 and she was 19. Man did we do some sucking, eating and ******* in 3 months. Pickup up, front lawn, back yard, roof of the house, blow jobs while driving all the time-even standing naked on the sidewalk getting my mail (at night) living right on Rt. 149 in Marstons Mills. We got caught by 3 different people that we knew and she would make me keep right on ******* her while she talked to them-naked of course-both of us. Age has nothing to do with sex.

Maybe she's into older men.If it was me I'd go for it.

You only live once. Live your life to the fullest to man. So your hanging around some younger people. But if the love is strong make it last

Yeah I just don't like to hurt anyone's feelings either. Maybe I am over thinking it all.

You are over thinking it. If you have a lovely woman in front of you who wants sex with you go for it man. What man wouldn't want to pass up that . Having a sweet and sexy neighbor like that. You are a very lucky man Mikeh.Go meet her friends.Maybe she has so cute friends that could lead to more fun.

My neighbor is 12 years younger than me, and we have mind blowing sex also. I look very young, so I fit in well with him. But I sometimes feel like such a cougar inside!! I dont think you should walk away. I think you should give it a try and see where things will lead to. I'm the same way with the paranoa, wondering if he thinks I took advantage of him and seduced him. You definitely should see where things lead to, and not jump ahead of yourself

Thanks maybe I am just over thinking. I guess other people's opinions don't matter. I just think guys look like creeps sometimes in situations like this.

Not at all its 2013. The guy that I am with now is much older than me. He is actually close to my mom's age. I think people are more used to seeing this type of stuff now, than they were years ago! Go with your feelings. I can relate being on both sides of the spectrum and most of it is in our heads.

Thanks I'm sure you are right and I am over thinking it.

My situation is a lot simpler. I am a sinfully married woman who will be in her middle 40's in another year. I do work out and am told I look like early 30's. When men half my age started hitting on me, I thought they must be hard up, but after six of them (all well endowed and hot) I am here to tell you to enjoy what you can WHILE you can. Just go with the flow and yes, you do not want her to think you just want to be with her for sex. Although the sex might be great, it will be even better when you share other things with her too.

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