Helping Another

Not too long ago I did something wicked, but it felt so good. I had woken hubby up with a ******* but he didn't have time to go down on me that day before he left and I really didn't feel like ************ myself, so I just let time cool me off.

And then I went to my backyard to take in some sun. About two hours passed where I had been sleeping and 10 a.m. rolled around when I woke up to a lawn mower that was close by.  My neighbor, or rather his son, was out there mowing the lawn.  All he had on were some loose shorts.  He had moved out about two years ago and was already in college, but he occasionally did come back home to visit. 

I guess I had never really seen him before without a shirt on, but looking at his stomach and his abs was kinda hot.  He had a muscular yet thin figure.  Maybe he spent time in the gym while he had been away. 

As for me, I'm not sure how much of me he had seen, maybe all of me.  I wasn't naked or anything.  I remember wearing a nice bikini that showed quite a bit of skin.  It was a black bikini that covered a third of my breasts and a smallish bottom.  With my booty the bottom back part looked rather small.  It showed maybe half my butt cheeks, and the sides were a simple string with a small triangle in the front.  If I got on my side, I'm sure part of my areolae would be visible.  But I don't know what my neighbor's son got to see.  I'm pretty sure he did notice the amount of skin I was showing. 

There is no fence between our yards but there are some bushes kinda hiding the view a little bit.  I should mention I was reclining on a lounger on the deck and our houses are situated in a way that the houses behind us are actually lower than ours, and there is a privacy fence between so they can't see me on the deck.  The only people that could see me are the neightbor's on my sides, and I guess anyone behind us who would be on the second floor.

So shortly after he began mowing the lawn he saw me get up and stir a little and he stopped.  He walked over and said he didn't see me there and that he felt bad for waking me up.  As he said this he kept walking to the deck and I decided not to be shy and be courageous so I sat up on the lounge to better see his face and talk to him better.  My quick movement, though, did make my boobs sway a little and I could tell he noticed as I looked at his eyes and saw them get bigger. 

We kept talking, me asking him about school and him asking how I was, etc.  Eventually he made his way up onto the deck and sat on the lounger next to me.  We just kept talking and talking and talking, and he was a good conversationalist.  He started mentioning some parties he had been to and eventually started talking about his girlfriend and his frustration. 

"She just won't do things," he said.

"Like what," I asked.

"You know...I mean.  Well, we've been together for a year.  And she told me she was still a virgin and didn't want to have sex until she was married.  Even though that sucks, I said ok, especially because she's so fine.  I mean, her boobs are almost as big as yours," he blatantly said as he stared down into my cleavage and then apologized, "Sorry, I didn't mean any disrespect or anything.  But I can't take it because she won't give me...ahem...well, she won't give me a you-know-what."

"A you-know-what?" I said and paused a little.  "You mean a *******.  Sweetie, you don't have to beat around the bush with me.  I'm not a prude or anything.  So what if she won't blow you.  Is that a big thing?"

"Well, I think I'm average size," and then he kinda laughed and started over, "oh, you mean is it a big thing she won't blow me," he continued laughingly, "I mean, I'd like for her to blow me, or to at least give me a *******.  But she won't even do that."

"Ok, Lenny, tell me, how far have you gotten with her?" I asked.

"It's embarrassing actually.  I mean, we make out a lot.  But really, the furthest we've ever gotten is some heavy petting over her shirt, and she's rubbed me a little over my pants.  It's so damn frustrating!" he wailed.

"Oh, come now.  You're lying.  One year in with her and you haven't even felt her boobs under her shirt, or even seen them.  I don't believe that.  I mean, have you..." I ended with an inquiring tone.

"I'm not a virgin!" he threw back in a loud tone defensively.  "Sorry, I didn't mean to shout that.  I'm not a virgin or anything.  I had sex in high school.  And there was this one girl that gave me a *******, but I don't think she was very good at it."

"I've seen plenty of breasts," he continued.

"Real ones?" I inquired.

"I've seen a couple," Lenny responded.

"And felt?"

"A couple."

Then I got up and sat next to him to his left on the lounger he was on.

I looked him in the eyes, but stayed silent.

I placed my right hand on his leg, but close to his knee. 

I slowly raised my left hand to the same level as my breasts, stuck out one finger towards me and traced a line between my breasts starting from slightly under and went up to under my neck, then back down.

"You know, Lenny, or should I say Leonard now," I said, "you've grown quite a bit since I last saw you.  I don't mean to change the subject, but have you been working out?"

He didn't respond but I could tell he was breathing slower.

"May I?" I asked him and then reached my right hand up a bit to get to his abs and poked em slightly.  "Wow, that's hard," I said, but was actually looking a little lower than his stomach.  I'm sure he didn't see that though because I glanced up and saw his eyes still following my left hand twirling about between my breasts.

Then I put my whole hand on his stomach and really felt its firmness.  "Oooh, I'm sorry," I apologized to him.  Then I got up and faced away from him.  I'm sure he got disappointed he could no longer see my generous cleavage but when I faced directly away he must've liked the new view instead of half my butt cheeks being exposed to him.  I can't remember but maybe it even rode up a little, exposing more than half.  My butt was right at his eye level also. 

"So what were we talking about?" I asked him.  Then, while still facing away from him, I got on my tip toes and teased my hair a little, then plopped back down flat on my feet, causing my butt cheeks to bounce sexily.  Still feeling like teasing I placed my hands behind me on my waist and pushed forward, arching my back in the process.  Had he been in front he would have gotten a good view of my boobs being pushed out, but his luck was still good because that caused me to stuck my butt out a little towards him, which I'm sure he liked. 

"Lenny?" I asked, "What were we talking about?"

"I, um..., I, my girlfriend," he finally stammered out, "my girlfriend and my frustration.  I end up having blue balls all the time, and you know I don't like to **********."

I didn't know that but I just nodded at him in agreement.

"It's not like I ever really have alone time also.  My dorm building is always flocking with people going in and out."  Then he paused for a bit and eventually continued, "I've even been thinking of paying for it."

"Oh, no!  Don't do that!" I beckoned him as I swiftly turned doing a 180.  "A man like you shouldn't pay for pleasure."

This new position caused me to be really close to him while facing him.  Since he was still on the lounger and I was standing up his eye level was around my belly button area.  I was so close to him though I was practically straddling his legs and looking down at him.  He was looking up at me and his view was of my two breasts on each side of my face.  It was like an upshot of my boobs, and I'm sure I had some under boob cleavage by this time.

"I know it can be hard," I said as I bent over slightly and placed my hands on his knees, "but you have to be strong and stay faithful to your girlfriend.  I'm sure it'll be worth the wait."

"I just don't know if I can hold out anymore," he said kinda defeated.  "There is this one girl in my class.  She's known as Easy Lizzy, and you can guess why..."

"No!" I shouted to him.  "No.  You can't go around touching any easy floozy you meet or hear about.  You just can't."

"It's just been so long since I've seen a pair up close.  I'm desperate!" he shouted.

"Alright Lenny, but you better not tell your father about this.  I'm gonna help you a little.  But don't pass any boundaries, ok?"

"I don't get it," he said confused.

"You will in a bit."  Then I slowly grabbed his hands and placed them over my breasts on top of the bikini top. 

I still remember his moan.  Being quite new at this he just left them there on top.  I stared at his eyes seeing his looking intently at my boobs, and then I started squeezing his hands so he could kinda grope me a little.  "Like them?" I asked.

"Oh, yes!" he jeered.  "Veronica has nothing on you!"

"So now we know her name.  But I'm sure she's a very beautiful girl."

"Mmmm, yeah," and he continued squeezing and fondling my boobs, getting rougher and rougher by the second.

"Now Lenny, you have to be gentle with boobs when you play with them.  I hope you don't maul Veronica's boobs like this.  Young **** like hers couldn't take this abuse."

Then he treated my lovelies nicer.

"That's a good boy Lenny," and before I finished saying that I had reached up and started pulling my top apart, showing him my boobs for the first time ever.  amazingly, he stopped groping them even though they were completely bare and just stared at them, mouth agape.

So I seductively squeezed each boob with my hands starting from the top and outer side and bringing my thumb and forefinger together on the inner and bottom side.

"Are you done squeezing them?" I asked.

"Oh, no, no-no-no-no-no," he said and proceeded to raise his hands again and grab my beauties. 

"Nice and gentle," I reminded him.

I don't know how long he was caressing my boobs, which if done correctly can get me very excited, but some time later I noticed a hand was no longer on my boob and as I was just about to ask/look at what was going on I felt a finger caress up by my lips and send shivers down my spine because of how good it felt.  Remember, I was still standing in front of him but just slightly hunched over so he could reach my boobs better.

"Lenny...." I stammered, "what are you doing?..."

"Mmm, well, I figured if you can touch me then I can touch you," he responded.

That's when I looked down and saw what my busy hands had been doing for the last several minutes.  Even by looking at it I didn't stop right away and continued stroking his penis over his shorts (now confirmed that was all he was wearing) but eventually regained my senses and pulled it back. 

Just as I jerked my hand back he was being bolder and lightly slipped his middle finger right above my panty bottoms that were barely covering my lips.

"Unngghhh," I stammered as I shivered and moaned some more and even became weak-kneed but only for the slightest second.

I then slapped his hand that was still trying to touch more of my *****.  "Bad boy, Lenny.  Am I gonna have to put these away?" I asked him as I made it obvious I was talking about my breasts.

"No, no, sorry," he cried, "they're just so perfect," and then continued to fondle me some more.

Since I was still leaning slightly forward I didn't have the best balance so when I heard a car door slam coming from the front of the house I got more out of balance and Lenny almost was able to take advantage of that and get my nipple into his mouth but I was quickly able to regain my balance and gave his hands two slaps and said, "Ok Mister!  You've had enough for one day, playtimes over."

Then I continued, "Plus I think your dad just got home and I was about to blow you but now I don't wanna cause any problems or anything." 

At that statement he quickly got up, with a hard young ***** at that, and ran off the deck saying, "Oh crap!  I was supposed to finish cutting the yard before he got home.  Crap! Crap! Crap!"

The last thing I heard as he trotted away was, "Thank you for the help!"

So there I was once again left horny, but at least he was left wanting also, like me.  And he didn't realize what I had said until days later when he tried to get a raincheck, but I turned him down.

But I know he'll be coming back again for a little bit from college and I'm wondering what I could do. 

Should  I:

A)  sunbathe out back again,
B)  walk naked around the house with the curtains open,
C)  invite him over to help me move furniture and accidentally leave some of the pics Ive put up on EP in a spot where he'd find them like under the couch or nightstand
or D) some other sexy act you can think of.

Won't you help a damsel in distress?

As an added bonus for my readers, here's a pic of my neighbor out in her pool.  I guess she thought no one would see her, or maybe she doesn't care.

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Very nice! !!

you are making me crazy- thanks

Well that picture is great but where are you?
That poor boy...

Im in my pics and other stories

What a great story. I don't know about Lenny but you left me hard and horny!

Walk naked around the house and let him come over after he sees you then act like you didn't know he was watching ....he will **** your brains out

ufff.... ;) I think ... first do some sunbathing... then the curtains... then help the poor kid relief some of that tension.. ;)

With hand, boobs, butt cheeks, or mouth? Im not really into armpit sex. That does nuthin for me

hmmm... ;) 'tuff' choice... A little bit of boobs first... (*telling him that he should not do any touching of course...) and all the while telling him how YOU used to be when you were a girlfriend. ;) That thats how YOU used to be when you were a girlfriend...and you are just 'showiiing' him.. and that's it... all the while doing somethingss very very naughty with your boobs and his well u know.. I think you can figure it out. ;) Ur a smart girl. BUT totally make sure you are almost doing it in conversation...! ;) Like "just showing him" when you were a girlfriend you used to do..."I mean you may not like this...but when I was a girlfriend... I used to do this...." Keep talking to him about what a boy and girls 'should do in a relashionhip...' I mean... someone has to teach him right... then decide to show him even more of what you used to do.. when you were a just a little girl in college ...and this time use your mouth. then.... maybe then if he has been a good boy... you help finish him off with just your butt cheeks. ;) ;) Let me know how it goes... ;)

Thats kinda hot. But if u read my other story. I think some other girls gave it to him. I did tease him a little. Since hes getting it elsewhere maybe i should t give him anything else

u naughty girl... ;)

and yea armpit sex does nothing for me either.. gross... didn't even know that was a thing lol

I mean maybe thats how a woman can service 7 men at the same time (triple penetration, 2 with hands, 2 with armpits). But thats not very sexy, imo

lol.. no not its not. BUT certainly like her... "go to attitude..." ;) haha ;p

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i bet the por kid came in his shorts , if not , i bet he beat off dreaming of you and your busty hot body ! i know i would of ! mmmmm

How do u know im busty?

lve seen a few pics of you sexy babe! Definitely A busty beauty ! mmmm

*gasp*. U perv. Teehee

Nah ! not a perv a naughty teddy bear who loves honey pots! wink


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You have one lucky neighbour

I think Im lucky also. Having a hunk like him nearby

Go for it next time he is home. Naked with the curtains open, photo's on the coffee table in plain view and hope it leads to full blown sex.

Ur so naughty. I cant be obvious, Im not a ****. But I do have something planned for this weekend, and no it doesnt involve him leaving a deposit deep in me. Take ur mind out of the gutter.

My mind is not in the gutter, possibly a bit of wishful thinking. I still feel you should try to look after him.

Well, if he gets blue balls I may take care of that. My lil hand can do wonders

I'm sure he would be satisfied with that.

Most men are, tho I have had some who want more, the buggers. Thats why its good to only tease the younger men. They appreciate anything they get.

With out that gutter i would be homeless

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I also like the sunbathing topless idea. Afterall, he was mowing the grass without his shirt, so why should you be required to wear a shirt? Especially in your own yard? Next best is to leave your curtains open. That can be made to look accidental if his dad ever notices, but he will get the idea, for sure.

Leave the curtains open and wear what? Sexy revealing clothing. If Im naked that may be too obvious, and I like to tease

I'm liking the combination also, but I'm a guy, we can only think with one head at a time :). You could sunbathe topless and ask him to help you move something. Just before he starts, tell him since you're half naked, he should ***** down. I'll bet he won't hesitate. :)

Well u just skipped ahead several steps. All u guys are bad, but a good bad

Skip ahead and sunbathe nude. Tell the neighbor boy that he should work on his full body tan as well ;-)

Ur so bad

Thank miss simple. But when you are tanning nude and the neighbor boy sees you. Then you say :"you need to work on that full body tan". You rub your hands over your body to drive that point home.

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Woo what a story xx

I would suggest maybe a combo of your choices? Maybe sunbathe again, but this time topless. Or maybe invite him over to help move furniture and you have on a short skirt with nothing underneath it, just to tease him ;)

Im not sure if hes a lucky guy or not, did he leave frustrated. Im not sure i could have stopped. But then again the story kind of ended with some unanswered questions. Makes one think. ;)

Go with A,But be naked when you sunbathe and see if that turns him on more

And if he comes over I'd be completely naked with only my hands to cover me up! You're quite naughty

But you mite have a problem is if father see you naked as well. What would his wife or his mother said if she saw you naked sun bathing. But wait till you know its them out mowing the lawn. Then come out side naked and get your full body tan on

True, but I mean the mom sunbathes outside in some pretty skimpy attire when others are present. I wont mention what she does when she thinks nobody's around

Sounds like she is trying to one up you . Looks like you need to step up your game

Well, I meant his mom. I don't think she'd want to one-up me with her own son. But maybe that's how she makes sure her man stays looking at her most of the time. I've even seen her lounge on her front yard in her barely-there bikini. Maybe that's because our houses face south and her deck wasn't getting any sun, but still.

Still she sounds like she is trying to flaunt her body. Like hanging out a sign. That says" I'm open for business". Maybe its because their was no sun on the deck.Or maybe she wants to know that she is the hen of the neighbor.

I think she does have an ok body. Not really curvy like mine. I'm gonna try to take a pic with my camera in a bit. I saw her outside a little while ago wearing a red bikini.

Maybe she is trying to seduce you . Have you though about that

Well, usually only she and my younger neighbor's girlfriend are together back there, but I don't think she is here today. I might just have to go back there one day and have a drink with her, but I'' save that for another day, for now I think I'm gonna share the picture I took

Save that for another day. Then once the older neighbor likes you. She mite introduce you to the sexy neighbor next door. But you are still the goddess of the three ladies

I know her pretty well, and Ive spoken to her when Im cleaning up around the yard and shes walking around in her skimpy bikini, I just havent joined her for drinks yet. Plus, I dont really need to suntan like her, lol

I think she is bi. If she is walking around in that skimpy bikini. Flaunt her body for you to see. Maybe her hubby isn't doing it for her. If you know what i mean. You could join her for drinks when the neighbor girl comes to visit. Maybe she wants you to tan like them.

Well, Im naturally slightly darker, and theyre two white girls. Two sexy white girls at that. And it's also not uncommon for her to go topless when she thinks no one is home. Thats what she did today, but oddly enough this time she didn't wear her thong

Damn you are a lucky neighbor.So she went topless. what was she wearing on the bottom

A simple red bikini bottom, Im just trying to get it from my camera to my laptop

If she is flaunting her body. Maybe she wants you for her self and doesn't want you hitting on her son

I dont think she knows about her son and I

maybe she does and that is she is showing some skin. Hey come after me and not my son

And Im sure her husband is good at something, I can hear them when they're inside and its late at night and I take the dogs out for a walk. She is loud, lol.

Maybe when they are making love. He is thinking about you sweet thing. Or she is thinking of you when her hubby is ******* the hell out of her. Or they could be loud so the neighbors could hear them.:Like putting out a sign " please come join us"

Maybe. Hmm, I wonder if anyone can hear me when I'm moaning in the throes of passion as hubby ravages me

Maybe they can her you. And Both the ladies and they guys are thinking. Damn that should be us

would to see a picture to judge that point

Finally got a chance to upload it

Damn that is your neighbor. She must be a wild cat in the sack ., But you could out beat her goddess


Your welcome milady

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Love the story! Please keep going. Maybe even throw in a part where your husband sees you two and enjoys it.

But then what if he blabs to out neighbor and then our neighbor wants in on it? I'd have three horny men lusting after me!

But then you would have three ***** to pleasure you. Maybe one at a time or all at once.

Ur so naughty!

Not as naughty as you miss simple. Maybe the other neighbor guys want a piece of you to.


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