My First Time!

I was 16 years old. My neighbor's husband worked third shift. So I was there while the husband was there before he went to work. He would always tease that Mary would teach me about sex. I thought he was kidding. Well when he left for work, she started showing me a picture albumn. So she was close, then next thing she was teaching me about sex.
It was terrific. She started with kissing then she laid me back on the couch. She slowly took off my shirt and kissed me all the way down to my pants. She took her time and reaaly worked me over. When I removed my pants and undies, my **** was so hard. She slowly took me in her mouth and work my **** like the pro she was. It was blowing my mind. I came so hard, and then I got hard again.
She then took me into her bed and taught me how to treat a lady. I wolrd her neck and her nipples, like she took her time with me.
I had never really seen a ***** up close and here I was ready to eat my first *****. She took my head and guided me and told me how to use my tounge and give her pleasure. She came a couple times with my tounge, then she wanted me in her. I wanted to be in her. I was rock hard agin and we made love for hours. It was my first time and she made sure it was great.
That was almost 40 years ago and I remember it like it was yesterday.

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My fantasy!

All teens should be taught by the older generations. I wish I had been!

Thats sexy

Great story ! i remember a 39 yr old divorcee when i was 18 . what a great summer that was. i still think about her too ! cheers for you !

Was it just for the summer or was their more

Very hot times and great memories!

So was this a one time deal with this great neighbor. or did it last for years

It lasted for months. I ended up dating her niece. That made things very interesting...

So how was it interesting dating her niece. Did you ever try for a ********* with her and her niece.