Red Headed Neighbor

Back in my younger years, I used to have this cute little red head that lived next door. She was such a hottie!


One day she had come over and we were watching TV and having a beer. She acted like her neck was bothering her and asked her if she needed me to rub it. She said ok and I moved behind her. After 10 or 15 minutes of rubbing her neck and shoulders, she seemed to loosen up and felt better. I went back around and took my seat watching TV. She asked if I was tense and could she help, I told her sure. What would it hurt to have a gorgous red head rub my neck, right? The next moment was one I think of often and can not get out of my head. She came in front of me and knelt down, asked me to unzip my pants and then she pulled out my ****. I'm nothing special, 6" and proportioned ok. She told me she wanted to suck my **** and to please lay back. I did as I was told and she slowly pulled my jeans down to my knees. She kissed my thighs and let her hands slowly stroke my ****. Working her way up my leg and then kissing my balls. She kissed my ****, looked at it as it had become fully erect by the time she pulled my pants down! lol She took it in her hands and looked at like a thirsting person for water. I've not had love made to my **** like that before or after, she was so tender and loving, so eager to make me happy. She took her time sliding up and down the shaft with her mouth. Kissing the end and licking my head, then returning to suck me deeply into her mouth. When I told her I was going to ***, she told me to *** in her mouth, "let me drink it" she said. I came like never before and have *********** to that one instance over and over.

After finishing me and cleaning me, she leaned in and kissed me then returned to her chair and took a drink of beer. "Nothing better"

We had sex off and on over the next couple of years, but never like that first time we got together.

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9 Responses Mar 30, 2009

Just love those redheads !!!

Made me hard as well, now I'm ************.

gud story

hahaah nastyy

What's her number?

Do you keep ******* off when you have this dream?

:( I haven't seen her in years, except in my dreams. She will stay with me forever because of what she did. I only hope I've had that effect on a woman in my life at some time.

I like to make the neighbors feel welcome!

Nice one. liked it a lot!!